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How do I convince mobile home park owners/managers to work with me?

What’s better: You driving around for hours and hours looking for motivated sellers…


Getting daily calls about hot leads in mobile home communities?

Obviously, it’s the latter.

Putting in the road work is important in the beginning to find your first few deals.

But once you develop the right relationships, the deals will come to you.

And the best relationships to make are with park managers.

But first, you gotta understand what park managers care about.

And that’s keeping their vacancy rate low and collecting as much lot rent as possible.

Park managers have a boss, the park owner, and if you can make them look good in front of your boss, they’ll be on your side.

And just like everything else in business, other people’s problems are your opportunity.

So, what are some of the benefits of “getting in” with park managers?

1. Benefit #1: Grow your reputation in the market

You’ll be the first to know about evictions, owners ready to sell, upcoming vacancies, etc.

2. Benefit #2: Perks

One of our favorite perks is free lot rent. We don’t pay a penny while fixing up a home and looking for buyers.

And when buyers come into the community looking for homes, they’ll refer you and even assist with home viewings.

3. Benefit #3: More deals

Some park owners own more than one mobile home park.

Building a relationship with one park manager gives you access to these parks.

And in many cases, park owners and managers know other owners and managers.

So, every relationship you build doesn’t just add to your network, it multiplies.

And a bigger network means more leads and more deals for you.

How to build relationships with park managers

Like we said earlier, it starts with knowing their problems.

You wanna let them know you’re there to help reduce or eliminate those problems.

Literally say,

“I’m here to help you reduce your vacancies and make sure you collect as much lot rent as you can.”

That’ll get their attention real fast.

Also, remember to stay top-of-mind by checking in regularly, especially when you haven’t done any business with them for a while.

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you not all park managers are easy to work with.

Some can be downright disrespectful.

But don’t get discouraged.

Be patient and try your best to build a relationship.

Once you develop a reputation as someone who’s serious and trustworthy, even the most stubborn park manager will warm up to you.

And even if they don’t, that’s okay.

You did your part by trying to help.

If they didn’t see the value in that, there’s always another park manager out there who will.

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