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Trailer Cash Academy Students Learned To Close 5 Mobile Home Deals In Their First 30 Days

In this blog we’re going to introduce you to two of our students Lamonique and Tim. They did something that’s not typical, but it’s definitely possible when you follow our guidance. They closed 5 deals within their first 30 days of joining Trailer Cash Academy. They made over $40,000!

They’re from Corona, California. Lamonique has a background in business and Tim is a personal trainer. They had zero real estate experience prior to joining Trailer Cash Academy.

How 5 deals in less than 30 days is even possible

Lamonique says in her regular work getting steady revenue and consistent clients was a big issue. But since following the Trailer Cash Academy program and trusting the process she discovered it was one of the easiest ways to earn money that she’s ever had.

At the time of our interview with them it was still their first 30 days since joining our program. And so we asked them to break down exactly what their results have been.

“So the first deal…we sold our first home within 24 hours from getting it under contract. And we made $10,000 off of that first deal.

It’s crazy! And we were still kind of in shock like ‘We just made $10,000.’ But then after that I was just like ‘Okay, we’ve got to do this again.’ We wanted more and more.

And then we got into our 2nd deal and our 3rd deal. And then we had one good week where we made $16,000. In one week!

And then we have deals that are just piled up that are pending. Every weekend we’re closing new deals and working on new deals.”

We can vouch for this because we were staying over at their house in California while we shot the interview, and we didn’t even see them the whole day before because they were out closing deals.

Tim says he didn’t believe in the whole mobile home idea at first. But what got him convinced was…well, seeing that $10,000 check first of all. But also, it was the effort Lamonique was putting in and how easily she got that first home under contract.

“And then right after that, the very next day we were able to sign, and I was a believer.”

So within 30 days of joining our program Lamonique and Tim had closed 5 deals. Truly something special, definitely possible.

What’s changed in their minds after mobile home investing?

We also wanted to get their take on the things about mobile home investing that they find most surprising. For them it was the mobile home park managers. They were expecting them to be difficult to work with. But so far so good, they’ve been very cool.

“To me, that was one of the most surprising things. Just how accommodating these mobile home park managers were. ‘Cause they just want to get rid of these homes. So, I mean, we’re providing a service that helps them. And that’s another thing – knowing that you’re helping solve a problem and helping families.”

“Just the fact that we can combine everything while still making good money off of it makes it that much more amazing.”

And they’ve been helping people fast too. They’ve done a lot in 30 days. We asked them what’s next, what their big goals or plans were.

Lamonique said she wanted to make $100,000 in the next month.

“That’s my goal because we work hard. Like, every single day we’re working deals, building new buyers… I mean our buyer’s list is crazy. So then all we have to do is provide the homes.”

“Our other big goal is we want to set up investment accounts for our kids. We’ve been talking about self-directed IRAs and putting up accounts for our kids so that they have, not just college funds but funds for their futures. So that’s one of our biggest goals.”

That is amazing guys, because now we’re talking about building generational wealth.

Lamonique and Tim say mobile home investing has definitely shifted their mindset. Now they think without limits. Because a lot of the time when people are stuck in that normal rat race, they put limits on what they can do in their lives.

So now they’re thinking bigger than they’ve ever imagined. They’re no longer limiting themselves and it’s become about pushing to that next dream, and having it be bigger than what it would have normally been.

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