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Mindset Tips: The 4 Levels Of Action For Beginner Mobile Home Investors

We attended this amazing conference in beautiful San Mateo, California where Grant Cardone was one of the speakers. Grant Cardone is a big investor and he’s got a couple of books out there called The 10X Rule and then Sell Or Be Sold.

His books have helped us a ton with our real estate investing career. And seeing him at the conference reminded us about this concept he goes over in his books called the 4 Levels Of Action.

It’s so important to understand that you have a choice, no matter what level of action you decide to jump into. And we’ve taken that philosophy, applied it to our business, and seen tremendous results by shooting higher and shooting bigger. Because even if you don’t hit that 10X goal, you’re going to go above and beyond what you even imagined you could do.

So in this blog we’re going to talk about the 4 levels of action that have a direct impact on the amount of success that you’ll see in your mobile home investing career.

Level Of Action #1: Do Nothing

When we first started, we convinced ourselves with this story that, ‘Hey, we’re working 50 to 60 hours a week. I’m working on my MBA. You’re working on your CPA. We’re trying to spend some time with our family, trying to have fun on the side. We just don’t have the time it takes to become real estate investors or mobile home investors.’

We were at this pure analysis paralysis level. Like where you’re thinking about it, you’re excited about it, but then at the end of the day when you look at your track record and the hours you’re putting in, it’s really not doing anything to actually get you closer to a deal. So, we were excited but the action just wasn’t there.

A lot of people face that. A lot of people convince themselves of certain things like ‘I don’t have enough time, I’ve got kids, or I just don’t find myself having the energy.’

It’s the fear. It’s the fear of just not knowing. The fear of just putting yourself in uncomfortable situations. Or even just organizing and prioritizing things. Because we’ve seen some people that have 5 kids, working 70 hours a week, doing all these different things and still being successful.

So at the end of the day, it’s that first level of action. It is a choice.

Guys, if you’re out there and you’re making that same decision to do nothing, just know you’re still going to breathe and wake up and be fine. But don’t expect any type of results outside of what you’re currently getting.

Doing nothing is not the right choice if you have big goals. If you really want to see change you have to change to see the change.

Obviously, we made a decision to say, ‘Hey, doing nothing, doesn’t work for us. We want more out of life. We want to reach our full potential.’ So, we decided to go into the real estate game.

Level Of Action #2: Retreat

If you guys know our story, you’ll know we lost $30,000 in a deal. We got scammed for 30 grand. That’s what happens when you’re excited to do something quickly but don’t necessarily do all the research that was needed.

And so, you can develop the fear of losing money. If you guys have lost money before, you know how easy it is to retreat. Retreat is nothing but saying ‘You know what? I stepped my toe in this. This isn’t for me.’ We did that.

We stepped our toes into real estate and lost $30,000 and said ‘This isn’t for us. We’ll let them play that game.’ This is a fear a lot of people face, and we’ve talked to a lot of our students about it before they get into our program.

Level Of Action #3: Normal

So we retreated and went back into what’s normal, what’s comfortable and what’s average for us. Which was our jobs, going to school and just living life.

And after we went back to doing that normal level, we made a lot of excuses like, ‘The bills are paid.’ or ‘We’re good, we’ve got clothes on our back.’

But then you have to ask yourself is that really the life that you truly desire? Is that really making you wake up and excited each day?

You’ll start believing those excuses too. You start believing it saying ‘You know what? I’m okay. I’m getting my check. My bills are paid. I got clothes on my back. I don’t need anything more.’

Guys, be careful because you start saying that to yourself and you’ll actually start believing your own story and get stuck in dormancy. That’s what we find so many people do. Even people that have purchased the course, we see people retreat and go back to what’s normal.

What’s normal is just comfortable guys. It’s not getting you out of your comfort zone. You’re damn sure not getting into your wealth zone.

That’s the most dangerous phase, the normal level. Because your friends, your family and a lot of people agree with it. They’re like, ‘You’re good. You don’t have to go above and beyond. You don’t have to reach for your goals because at the end of the day, your 9 to 5 pays your bills.’ Or whatever the case is.

But when you really lay down at night, or when you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning, are you really happy?

Level Of Action #4: Massive Action

If you guys are married or you have a fiancé or you have a girlfriend, you guys have a cheat code. Because it’s M2. We call it M2 because it is massive action squared.

It’s like this. I know I’m holding my weight because I know what I’m capable of and I know I’m taking massive action. But then I also know my partner is even better than me and putting the work in too. So now we’re talking about M2.
Together you can build more momentum in whatever you’re doing.

That’s one of the things that people make a big mistake on. They try to tiptoe their way into something, and it takes so long to build momentum that it becomes discouraging.

Guys remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to be perfect. Because at the end of the day, you need to ride on some momentum.

Whenever we get new students into our program we say the first 30 days, those are the most important. You have to go as hard as you can in those first 30 days, because things will start to pick up. You’re going to get excited when you start seeing results.

And it’s so important to see results quickly. Otherwise, the head trash comes back, you start doubting the process, you start doubting your ability and that crushes your results and everything that you try to put in. It’s all about momentum and you gain momentum by just taking action.

Guys, we don’t care if it’s going through our YouTube just binge watching our videos, going to find a book, going and finding someone else that teaches mobile homes investing, or finding someone else that teaches real estate investing for that matter.

Just make a decision to take some actions. Because with all these 4 levels, the real wealth zone is there once you get out of your comfort zone. When you start taking that action and getting that momentum that’s when the confidence kicks in, and that will change everything for you.

Doing things that are not normal, going to talk to sellers, going to mobile home inspections, talking to park managers, making a bit of noise – all that stuff is uncomfortable. But just know, getting past it, building that momentum, pushing through the no’s as hard as you can in the first 30 days is how you’re going to see massive results.

Being in the do nothing phase, being in the retreat phase or being in the normal phase isn’t going to bring you any type of results outside of the normal results that you already have.

Guys, it’s very important. Start to really focus on your 90-day goals. Start to focus on why this is even important to you or what’s really pushing you to do this. Because we make it seem easy, our students make it seem easy, but guys this stuff takes work.

A lot of people come to us because they just see the $10,000 checks or they see other people doing 5 deals a month.

But that’s not an easy thing to do. That takes a lot of work. It takes dedication.

They might not see all the blood, sweat, and tears behind the scenes. But at the end of the day, it’s so worth it. And especially if it’s in your heart to do it, you see the potential and you see how this could really impact your life as well as your family’s life. That’s what makes it work.

Focus on your ‘Why’ to push you to take that massive action.

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