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Here’s How We Teach Mobile Home Investors To Scale Up Their Business And Think Like CEOs

On December 22nd 2020 we held a special 4 hour workshop called ‘Scale Your Sales’ for 13 of our best students. In this workshop we opened up our business to show them how we do things on the back end to scale our business.

The goal of this was to teach these 13 students how to scale up their business as well.

We want everybody getting $10,000 to $20,000 per month with their business. We want everybody thinking big time about their business, getting it to that CEO level. No more solopreneur stuff.

It’s cool that we know how to make money. We know how mobile home investing works. But now let’s actually build a business that’s something that we can walk away from.

If we decide to sell it, or we decide to pass it down to our kids, or if we want to keep running it and we want to go on vacation for a month or two, how can our business continue to run even without us being there?

We know a lot of you are new, guys, and you aren’t in the game just yet. Some you just need the right coaches and the right peers to help you get to that next level. For you we still have the masterclass program. We still have the accelerator program. Just join the community, ask questions and get engaged.

But some of you guys have already made this a business that’s working for you. You’re making deals and making money, but you’ve run into this new problem. You want to know how to scale it up so that you can earn more, and find more success, even though you have a limited amount of time you can give to the business.

So in this blog you’re going to get an overview of everything we covered in our 4 hour Scale Your Sales event. And to close it off we’re going to share some of the feedback we received from our community after the event. In 2021 and onward we want this to be a once a month or quarterly event that you can join after you’ve got about 5 or 10 deals under your belt.

Interpersonal values creates Enterprise value

Our business didn’t grow until we grew ourselves.

Really the first thing we address is how this all comes down to mindset. How to value yourself and what you value in life. One of the things we talked about in the workshop was how we tend to put our self worth in our net worth. And we all know we don’t own that.

Your business does not define who you are. At the end of the day, when how you feel every day depends on how much money you made, how many deals you closed or how much money is in your bank account, you’re going to always be up and down. There’s no consistency with that.

No amount of money can make up for a lack of self-acceptance. You won’t feel fulfilled by the money.

If we’re putting so much focus on our business and spending so much time that we are neglecting our bodies, neglecting our families, neglecting our connection with God or whatever it is, then we’re still not actually taking care of the source of our actual happiness.

Our roles as business owners is just 25% of who we are trying to be in this life.
We talk about that in the workshop and why it’s important to have clarity about interpersonal value. Lack of clarity can cost you time and energy when you’re not clear on what you should develop more in your life.

So really what we’re getting at here is asking ourselves what the end game is. What is that big vision that I have, that master plan?

Once you start scaling up the business, there’s going to be a never ending flow of deals coming in. But are we going to just grind and grind ourselves into a pulp until there’s nothing else we have to offer anyone else? There’s got to be something deeper and fulfilling.

For us we said to ourselves things like ‘Hey, okay, we’re making all this money. What location do we even want to be in? What type of house do we want? What hobbies actually fulfill us? What else do we want to do that gives us energy, joy and gratitude? How will all this serve our family? What type of business do we really want to run? What amount of income do we actually need?’

We encourage our students to have a clear picture of what it actually costs to live that life, in that location, with the house and the family that we really want.

When you get clear on those numbers and those pieces of the vision then it makes everything so much clearer. And clarity of vision makes the work of scaling up your business easier.

All of this leads to that big ‘Why’. Why are you even reading this right now? Why are you even interested in pursuing a business and pushing yourself to the next level?

The 6 As to Ascension


  1. Asleep – unaware, sleepwalking, lost but in a comfort zone
  2. Awake – aware and woke but unsure where to begin
  3. Activated – researching, learning, gaining skills and asking for help
  4. Applying – consistent action, winning and losing, failing but moving forward
  5. Accelerating – 1 or 2 deals a month, making money, confident but burnt out
  6. Ascension – 5+ deals a month, thriving team, elevating others, feeling freedom


The 6 As are the phases we go through on this journey towards our vision – our ‘Why’.

When you’re Asleep you’re just unaware of the power you possess. You’re unaware of the opportunity that mobile home investing has for your life, and how it can impact you, your family and your community in a major way.

You might be sleepwalking in your potential. You might even be lost. And a lot of the time you’re just in your comfort zone thinking ‘I’m not going to stress myself. I’d rather just be comfortable with what I’m doing right now, because it’s not really killing me.’

But if you really look deeper in yourself, you might recognize that something’s calling you for more. And so when you recognise that and start to explore that calling more you move into the next phase.

Now you’re Awake. You understand that there’s something more out there for you. You’re not just sleepwalking in your potential because you’re seeing what’s possible. You’re discontent with the comfort zone you’ve created for yourself.
You’re aware, but you haven’t taken any action. You don’t have the skillset. You don’t have the knowledge, yet.

But when your drive has been Activated that’s when you start spending some time on learning more and doing research. You’re asking for help, you’re finding the right teachers and mentors to give you the information you need. You’re preparing yourself and learning the skills.

There’s only so much you can learn though. It’s very easy to get stuck with Analysis Paralysis in this phase, and you might be feeling fear of a bruised ego. But with the right mindset you will overcome this.

You’ll realise that the rest of the knowledge and skill you need to become successful at this will only come to you once you start Applying yourself in the real world.

In this phase your mindset is like ‘Hey, I’m going out there. I’m taking action. I don’t care if I’m failing. Because failure is an opportunity for me to learn. It’s an opportunity for me to become more than what I was yesterday.’

You’re going out there to get some wins and some losses under your belt. You’re taking that roller coaster ride willingly. This is the start of becoming a great investor because great investors are not afraid to accept losses just as easily as they accept the wins. We call that failing forward.

This is the longest phase. And this is where a lot of people give up because this is where things can hurt. But when you fall down and figure out what it takes to get back up and out there, that’s what’s going to lead to the type of consistent wins that you want.

That’s when you start Accelerating. This is when you’ve experienced those wins and losses, you’re getting about 1 or 2 deals a month, and feeling confident. Our Accelerator Program is designed to get students from the Applying phase to the Accelerating phase.

But once you’ve accelerated your mobile home investing business, and you’re just about ready to quit your day job and do this full-time, you tend to hit a ceiling.

And you have to keep things at a cruising altitude because you just can’t take yourself any higher. You don’t have the fuel to keep accelerating at that pace. This means it’s time for Ascension.

And that’s why we created the Scale Your Sales workshop.

Why you must Ascend

You can’t do it on your own. You’ve got to let go of your ego. You’ve got to let go of a lot of the tasks that you’re doing and you’ve got to trust other people. So this becomes a new way of running your business that looks completely different from the Acceleration phase.

The things we taught in our Scale Your Sales workshop are powerful. We literally started applying this to our life and our business, and we went from doing 1 or 2 deals a month to 10 to 12 deals per month. Just by putting the right systems, people, processes, automation and delegation in place.

After you’ve learned how to hustle there’s a point where you will say ‘Okay, I’ve hustled enough. I need to learn how to really build a team, to scale and elevate myself to the role of CEO.’

You must rise above and look down over your business. As the CEO you’re looking over your business and making decisions for the long-term greater good of the company. You’re now building a machine and you’re putting people and processes and systems in place to run the machine.

Our Scale Your Sales workshop will detach you from your current identity in the phase that you are in. Once you get to that new CEO level, you’re going to be forced to take on a new identity.

And when you have to let go of things, when you have to trust other people, your ego has to be put to the side because now you’re not the one that’s doing. Now you have to teach. And that’s a whole different ball game right there.

Here’s the goal, guys. We don’t want to run this business forever. We want to exit this business and we want it to continue beyond us. We want it to continue beyond what we can do.

That was hard for us to understand when we first started. We were like ‘Exit? We don’t want to do that. This is our baby.’

But seriously, even if you’re not trying to exit your business, think about what if something happens to you? What happens if you pass away?

Or do you want to pass that business on to your kids? Well then what role are they stepping into? Do they have an actual business where they’re stepping in as a CEO, or are they taking on your problems by becoming a solopreneur?

Or maybe you want to go out of town. Maybe you want to go on a vacation for a month or two. Because you’ve been working so hard, and you’ve got all this new money, so you want to treat yourself.

It’s going to be really hard to do that and run your business. Especially if the Wi-Fi is bad wherever you’re at.

Separating the business into departments

We’re about to get into the meat and potatoes of scaling your business. But before that let’s return back to your interpersonal values.

Once you have clarity on why you’re trying to take your business to the next level, you will also start to get clarity on your vision for the company itself.

As a CEO having a clear vision for your company is what’s going to attract the right kind of team members to you. It’s what’s going to inspire them and motivate them.

You’re responsible for articulating how they are going to help you get to the end game for your company. The clearer your team can see your vision, the more likely you are all going to get there.

If your vision is not clear you’re going to be frustrated. You’re going to be running in circles because you’re just hiring people that are not in alignment with what you’re really trying to build. Or you might hire great people but you’ll feel unfulfilled because they’re not helping you reach a clear end goal.

So here’s how everything comes together in a practical sense.

You have to be able to segment your business into different departments and really work on it.

What we learned from one of our mentors was that there’s always going to be problems in your business. Once one problem is taken care of another one pops up somewhere else.

There’s no such thing as a balanced business, but the closest thing to balance is harmony. We have to be okay with everything not being balanced, but just harmonized, as we continue to grow.

The first thing we deep dived into during our Scale Your Sales workshop was the Marketing and Lead Generation department of the business.

We want to make sure everyone has the basics down first. We’re talking about things like bandit signs. We’re talking about the habit of going out there to build rapport with park managers, buyers and sellers. Things like driving for dollars.

With the basics mastered we can then guide our students on how to generate leads and attract clients even while they’re asleep or away from home.

Next we deep dived into the Acquisitions department of the business. This is about acquiring new inventory from the leads that are being generated. And the goal here is for our students to not be the only person who can make this happen.

So the question is ‘How do we build the team, the processes and systems around getting new inventory?’ We need more people in place so that you can just focus on what you’re good at. Which is connecting with your clients and letting them know how you can bring value to them and solve their problems.

We teach our students how to automate this as much as possible. There’s so much technology out there that can help with this. With the tools we use, all the preliminary work gets automated to the point where we just get the final notification on our calendar that there’s an appointment or inspection we need to attend. That’s it.

Then we deep dived into the Dispositions department of the business. This is how we sell the property and get paid, after the acquisitions.

This is, again, about automation, getting the right people in place and getting the right systems in place. And so we opened up our entire business to our students so they can see all of the processes, how we document it and how we are able to delegate this.

What we want our students to understand is, as CEOs, we should really just be focused on those $1000 per hour activities. If we’re focused on doing tasks that a $10 an hour employee can do then we’re just wasting our time by working on those tasks.

And then finally we deep dived into the Operations and Finance department. With this department we want to think about how we can make each step in the process efficient, maintain cash flow, and track results.

So this is the glue that puts it all together, all the systems and processes and everything within your business. But it’s also about tracking that money because we’ve got to pay Uncle Sam. And so we need to think about what tips and tricks help us protect the money we worked so hard for.

At this level you start playing a new game where it’s not about how much you make, it’s about how much you keep. Because when you create your first $100,000, your first $500,000, or your first $1,000,000 you get into this whole rat race with Uncle Sam.

So we’ve got to have strategies and plans to make sure that he doesn’t take so much of what we’ve earned. That money is equivalent to your time and energy.

Create a 1 year plan

We closed the workshop by guiding our students on how to create a 1 year plan which brings their long range vision back into reality with some actionable steps.

The 1 year plan will allow them to see what type of seats they need filled, and if they even have the right people in the right seats. The 1 year plan also helps their team to see the vision clearly, interpret it for themselves, and then decide if they even want to be a part of it.

We want them to set up 3 to 7 priorities that will keep the organisation in line and on course throughout the year. Less is more in this case.

There’s a really good book out there called Essentialism which we recommended to them. It taught us how to really focus on those few things that will move the needle, especially in the most bottlenecked department of our business. We don’t need to focus on all of the departments until we get this one bottleneck solved.

We went into detail about how we break these goals down, where we place our focus on a weekly basis, what we do when problems arise and much more.


We received some great feedback from students who got the full 4 hours worth of our Scale Your Sales event. We’re very grateful to everyone who participated and we’re excited to see their progress in 2021.


”This Scale Your Sales session is the game changer for 2021. I’m looking forward to the shift from street hustler to CEO. Jay and Samera have truly outdone themselves with this one. I thought they gave us the game with the Accelerator Program, but this thing right here is next level stuff. So happy new year TCA fam!”


”The TCA Scale Your Sales training was awesome and full of useful information to make this a true business. The biggest nugget I received was the importance of setting, clear vision, goals, and a plan. When you know what you want, your path will be much clearer. Ready to take it to the next!”


”Just received so much absolutely golden information from the TCA Scale Your Sales event. It’s hard to say what my biggest takeaway was, but if I had to choose one, I would say the extensive knowledge I received on how to completely automate my business.

I always wondered how I could travel the world for months at a time while still keeping my business profitable. Well, now I know!”


”Scale Your Sales. Four hours of straight fire. I’m pumped for 2021. Not only to grow my business, but also to grow personally. My biggest takeaway is that I have to let go of fear in order to grow my business. I’ve got to trust the process and enjoy the journey. Exciting times are definitely ahead.”

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