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$1000 Mobile Home Makeover: Repair And Sell A Mobile Home. On A Tight Budget.

When we started flipping mobile homes, we didn’t have a ton of money to spend on the rehab. So, we had to learn how to get the home market-ready on an extreme budget. I’m talking between $500 to $1000.

Think about what your buyers want. They want a structurally sound mobile home in a mobile home park, and they don’t mind putting any type of repair work into the home themselves just to save some money as long as they’re buying the home at an affordable or reasonable price.

We like to focus on the 5 main repairs first which are the AC, electrical, the plumbing, the sub-floor, and the roofing. But outside of that we like to spend as little as possible on cosmetic repairs. So, in this blog, we’re going to give you our tips on what cosmetic fixes to spend on with a budget of about $1000 just to freshen up the home.

Makeover Tip #1: Get rid of any smells

We’re going to apply $200 to get rid of these smells. In our experience, smells can definitely deter buyers from buying your home.

One example, we had a home actually sit on the market for about five months because it had a horrible pet odor in there. We tried to sell the home as is because it was structurally sound. All the major repairs were done. But this smell was just stuck in the carpet, which prevented any buyer from wanting to buy the home.

Here are a few things you can do. You can get rid of the carpet because it’s usually trapped inside of the carpets.

Let the home air out, open the windows, open the doors, and let the stinky smell get out of there. And if it’s really bad take a specific type of paint called Kilz and paint the floor and the walls with it. That’s going to trap that smell in there.

Super important. Get rid of the smell.

Makeover Tip #2: Clean, clean, clean that house

We’re going to assign $300 to actually get a deep clean on the house.

What you’re going to want to do is hire a professional deep cleaner. They’re going to get in there and clean the ceiling fan, wipe the walls down, clean all the appliances, clean the blinds, and clean everything. Scrub that house from head to toe. Don’t forget to get a carpet clean as well. And then definitely don’t forget about the bugs.

Any type of rodent, any type of cockroaches, even bedbugs can prevent you from selling the home in a timely fashion. You should be able to get your deep cleaner as well as an exterminator for $300.

Make sure you do these things. We want you to sell the home as fast as possible.

Makeover Tip #3: Landscaping & Exterior

We’re going to dedicate $150 towards this portion of the job.

You want to make sure you give your home some curb appeal. So that means pulling all the weeds, trimming all the bushes, cleaning up the gravel, and even fixing any type of fencing that’s around the home.

One little thing you can do that’s pretty inexpensive is give the house a power wash. Most landscapers have the tool where they can spray down the house with some water. That’s going to make it shine. You may not have a lot of money for paint, but that’s at least something you can do.

Makeover Tip #4: Kitchen & Bathrooms

We’re dedicating $350 towards this portion of the job. This is very important, especially if you’re selling the home to a family. The female is usually the one going inside the house and the first thing they look at is the kitchen and the bathroom.

So, one little cheap repair you can do is paint the cabinets. Put a fresh coat of paint on those. You can also replace the toilet. Nobody wants a dirty, nasty looking toilet. And you can also make any small repairs to doors or drawers just to make it look all put together. So don’t spend a ton of money replacing the countertops or anything. Just a few little things to freshen it up.

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