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Mobile Home Investing With No Money (4 Strategies To Generate Cash First)

It’s the most common obstacle aspiring mobile home investors face: “I want to get started but I don’t have the money.”

If you aren’t familiar with our story…

We got scammed out of 30k on our first deal.

On our second deal, we were in the hole for 60k on a fix-and-flip.

And it took us 15 months to recover our money.

To say we were cash-strapped when we started is a massive understatement.

We’ve been there and we know how it feels.

In this post, we’re gonna share 4 strategies we used

To get our business off the ground with no money.

But before we reveal the strategies, always remember that…

Revenue/cashflow is king

A big mistake we made in the beginning is…

Spending too much time and energy to create passive income…

So we could quit our jobs.

What we should have focused on instead…

Is generating revenue to feed our business.

Get cash flowing in and build up your capital

And then, when you’re ready…

You can focus on passive income deals like fix-and-flip.

1. Strategy #1: Brokering

You could probably generate 6-figures a year if you just focus on brokering.

And we love this strategy because you can serve a lot more people…

By just being the middle man setting up the deals.

The best part is, you risk none of your own money doing this.

All you gotta do is build up your pipeline of sellers and buyers…

And develop a reputation as someone who’s trustworthy.

You’ll get paid handsomely for it.

2. Strategy #2: Other People’s Money (OPM)

When we didn’t have the capital to invest in our business, we used OPM.

We leveraged our credit โ€“ responsibly…

And connected with a company that let us take out zero percent CCs for 12 and 18 months.

We cashed those out and used them to fund deals.

And you don’t need to rely on banks.

Because another way to use OPM is to do joint ventures.

And the easiest way to find people to JV with is to be part of a community.

Like our TCA Accelerator Community.

We’ve had several students partner up on deals together.

Some of our members have access to 100k+ capital and just want tons of deals.

Other members develop relationships and go in on deals together by pooling their funds.

Never let a lack of cash stop you.

We didn’t.

3. Strategy #3: Wholesaling

Another “no money down” method.

Agree to a price with the seller.

Then go find someone who’ll buy it at a higher price.

Your upside is the difference.

Many of our student testimonials used wholesaling to get the first few deals under their belt.

4. Strategy #4: Creative Financing

You’ll come across sellers for whom getting cashed-out isn’t a priority.

These sellers are open to taking payments if it means they get to sell the home at its full market value.

And this is an opportunity for you to get paid.

Either you collect the spread of the cash flow between the buyer’s and seller’s payments.

Or you can collect a lump sum from the deposit.

This isn’t the most popular strategy but it’s a handy one to have in your back pocket.

So, there you have it…

You can get started with mobile home investing today

With little to no capital.

All it takes is a little hustle and grind.

The only thing you’re missing is the know-how.

And as far as knowledge goes, you have 3 options.

1. Option #1 โ€“ Consume all the content you can find online

Our Youtube channel alone has over 100 videos talking about every aspect of mobile home investing.

You’ll learn a lot and you may even close your first few deals because of it.

Here you’re sacrificing time for money.

You’ll always be able to make more money.

You’ll never be able to make more time.

2. Option #2 โ€“ You try to figure it all out yourself

Sure, that could work…

Or you could end up $100k in the hole like we did.

Do you want to take the risk?

Maybe, maybe not – it’s up to you.

3. Option #3 โ€“ Watch our free case study then apply to join our Accelerator Program

Here’s the reality:

Trial-and-error is expensive.

You pay in both time and money.

Why not let us show you the way?

Now, obviously, we’re biased.

But we’ve personally closed over 300 mobile home deals.

Our successful students have closed just as many.

We’ve interviewed dozens of them on our Youtube channel.

Check ’em out for yourself if you like.

But what we’d like you to do right now is just watch one case study.

Of a student who made $10,000 in 48 hours selling a used mobile home.

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