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Mobile Home Investing Vs. Real Estate Investing Comparison (How We Made More Money In Less Time)

Here’s a quick case study comparing our first single-family house fix-and-flip and our first mobile home fix-and-flip.

House fix-and-flip:

  • Our cost: 68,655
  • Time to sell: 425 days
  • Profit: 9,727
  • ROI: 14%

Mobile home fix-and-flip:

  • Our cost: 4,200
  • Time to sell: 21 days
  • Profit: 12,300
  • ROI: 293%

Now, we’ll admit this is an extreme comparison.

The house we fixed and flipped was in a really bad way when we bought it.

It required a ton of major repairs… almost a complete refurbishing.

And not every mobile home fix-and-flip will be this fast or lucrative.

We just want to show you why mobile home investing is your safest bet when you’re starting this business.

  • Your costs are much lower
  • The homes stay on your hands for far less time
  • The paperwork is easier (titles are handled by the DMV)

Really though…

The key benefit to mobile home investing is this

You get in and out fast.

Your capital doesn’t stay stuck in one place for months or even years.

This means you can do a lot more deals.

And grow your bankroll a lot faster.

More reps equal more experience.

More experience means you make better deals. Bigger deals.

And, eventually, you may want to expand into other types of real estate investing.

It’s a virtuous cycle.

And it all starts with your first mobile home deal.

Would you like us to show you how?

Our TCA Accelerator is a 90-day program where you’ll discover:

  • How to find “off-market” homes the owners need to sell ASAP
  • What to repair before selling – you don’t need to fix everything
  • How and where to find buyers who’ll pay market rates for homes
  • The systems and processes you need to go from hobby mobile home investor to full-time real estate mogul
  • And much more

And to show you exactly how it all works, we made a free case study for you.

It shows you how one of our students made $10,000 in 48 hours selling a used mobile home.

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