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3 Mobile Home Investing Myths Debunked (Don’t Believe Everything You Hear!)

After talking to hundreds of people interested in mobile home investing, there are a few popular myths that keep coming up again and again.

We’re gonna debunk the 3 most common ones today.

Myth #1: Mobile homes aren’t durable


We’ve seen mobile homes built 50+ years ago still in excellent condition today.

Mobile homes are just as durable as single-family homes.

The only difference is mobile homes are built in a factory.

They still have to pass numerous quality control tests before they even leave the factory.

For example, wind, rain, and snow tests.

How well the homes hold up over time depends on their owners.

It’s just like any other possession.

If you take care of it, it will last.

And mobile homes are definitely built to last.

Myth #2: People who live in mobile homes are trashy


This is just a stereotype.

People who live in mobile homes are just like everyone else.

They just want a safe, clean place for their family to live.

A lot of people who live in mobile home communities are retirement age.

And they just wanna downsize.

They want someplace less expensive, less to clean, less to worry about etc.

The quality of the people in the community also depends on what part of town you’re in.

We invest in 3 to 5-star mobile home parks, so the community will reflect that environment.

Myth #3: Mobile homes are bad investments


As an investor, if you know your exit strategy with mobile homes there are a ton of ways to make money.

We usually average anywhere from 100% to 300% ROI on our deals.

And we love how fast it is, and that there’s always demand.

Across the USA, the affordable housing crisis is very real.

People need homes, especially affordable ones.

And for the buyers, it’s a great opportunity to experience homeownership.

These buyers are usually in a socio-economic class that would make it very difficult for them to get approved on a single-family mortgage.

With mobile homes, they get to own instead of rent.

Maybe they’ll sell it down the line and make a profit.

Maybe they’ll pass it on to their children.

Maybe it’s a starter home before they move into something bigger.

So, as we said in an earlier email, you’ll never be stuck with a lemon.

Have these myths prevented you from starting mobile home investing?

We hope we’ve cleared your doubts.

So that you’ll be able to apply to our Accelerator program with peace of mind.

There are so many opportunities out there.

All you have to do is reach out and take them.

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