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Mobile Home Investing As A Family: This Family Made $7000 In Less Than 90 Days

Guys, we want you to meet the Grimes family – Barry, Sharon and young Luke. They are some of our favourite students. They’ve been with us for a little over two and a half months.

They’ve closed two deals with one extra deal in the works. And they’re just waiting on a buyer to get approved at the park community.

So we’re excited for them. They’ve made over $7000 in profits so far, not including deal three.

What we really love about the Grimes family is that they follow the blueprint. They just take the Trailer Cash Academy blueprint, they implement it, and they take action to make it happen.

So in this blog you’re going to learn the secret of their success, as well as how our community and programs helped their journey, and what advice they have for anyone who’s sleeping on their potential in this business.

You will succeed if you know your Why’

In our community we talk a lot about knowing your ‘Why’. We talk about how we need a reason that inspires us enough to make changes in our life. And the lives of our loved ones. Knowing your ‘Why’ is about knowing those reasons.

We asked Barry Grimes to tell us about the family’s ‘Why’. His wife Sharon said Barry keeps a printed out ‘Why’ statement on the shelf next to him. And so we got him to read it out to us.

”Barry & Sharon’s Why Statement. Because we want to live debt-free. To own the home of our dreams.

To provide financial security and independence for our family. To travel whenever and wherever we want.

To teach our children self-reliance and responsibility. To help others less fortunate. To help others realize and achieve their Why.

To build true generational wealth. To make a commitment to doing what it takes to make this happen.

In short, freedom!”

We love that they’re doing this as a family unit. They’ve been with us for two and a half months and they’ve been doing amazing things.

We wanted to know what encouraged them to jump into a family business like this. Their youngest son Luke is only 15.

”Primarily it’s our children. We have 4 kids. Our oldest son made a lot of mistakes when he was growing up and ended up getting incarcerated.

So he’s going to be getting out soon and we wanted to have something for him to be able to step into. Without going through the stigma and all this stuff because of having done a little bit at a time.

And then this young man, Luke, he wants to be in business for himself. He’s been an entrepreneur early on since 7 or 8. He was making paracord bracelets and selling them, snow cones, ice cream and then car washes for the neighbors.

We decided that real estate is probably one of our best options. So we joined the local Real Estate Investors Association.

We looked into some properties, but mobile homes kept coming up because they were in the price range we were looking for.

So I just typed mobile home investing in YouTube, you guys came up and you really connected just through the internet. Then I did a lot of binge watching and decided that no matter what, we’re going to join.”

Learning how to invest as a Family

It’s rare for us to have a community call where we don’t see a single member of the Grimes family. They’ve got a strong commitment to the blueprint and they’re always showing up ready to learn, participate and take action.

We asked Barry what he enjoys most about being part of the Trailer Cash Academy Program.

”It’s the continual learning. It’s like we learn something new on every call, and once in a while, we’re even able to offer advice to folks as well.

So we do not miss a call. If we have to miss it, it’s because we’re looking at a mobile home or something. But we’re definitely catching the replay. To me, all of those calls are like gold. It’s experience that you’re just swallowing all at once.”

“Probably our biggest win has been the information that we were able to get from the TCA family. All of the coaching and all of the instruction.

Honestly, when I went out to look at my first mobile home, I felt like I’d seen a couple of dozen already, just because I’ve been hearing all the experiences from the coaches and everyone else.

So I really went in completely confident. I think just having that knowledge was really our biggest win. And again, everything is laid out for us. So we really followed the program and we’ve had great success.”

We love this approach of learning how to invest as a family and even involving their youngest son Luke.

Luke told us that he wants to learn how a successful business is run so that, in 3 years time, when he turns 18 he can start doing something on his own.

We got Sharon involved in the conversation as well. We wanted to know if she was on board with Barry right away. Because usually there’s one person in a couple who is unsure about getting involved with affordable housing and mobile homes.

Sharon says she was all in from the start.

”One thing about Barry is that he’s very smart about things that he’s interested in. Usually it’s me who goes ‘I’ve seen this and I’ve seen that.’ But when he sees something, I’m really listening. So I’m always right on board with him. We support one another. We always have.”

And Barry respects her opinion too. They own a Face Painting company right now and it was her idea to start it.

”We also own a face painting company that’s celebrating its 10th year this year.

When we were starting she brought the ideas to me. And I was like ‘Nobody’s going to pay you to paint their face.’

But when I saw the cash rolling in I was glad I listened to her about taking action because one of my favorite sayings is ‘You can’t change your life unless you change your life.’”

Advice to beginners from the Grimes family

The Grimes family is going to be continuing on to bigger and better things as we help them Accelerate their growth.

Right now their only hurdles have been dealing with park managers and getting themselves incorporated. But they’ve been picking up speed rapidly since they joined us and we wanted to find out what the secret behind their success is.

”Personally? I would say mindset right now. We’re just doing our thing and staying positive and motivating one another and envisioning the best outcome.

We have a strong ‘Why’ statement that keeps us pretty motivated. Mindset’s the number one thing.

And then the instructions, the blueprints, that stuff is all out there for you. So it’s a matter of studying it and implementing it.

Of course, nothing goes perfectly according to plan. So having the ability to come back and ask questions from coaches that have done hundreds and hundreds of deals. It makes things a lot easier for us.”

We think that’s huge because we can talk about all the knowledge that’s out there, we can talk about all the support and accountability, but there’s two things that we can’t teach.

One is your mindset. We can give you tips and information, but the mindset comes down to you.

And then the second one comes down to your ‘Why’.

So what we used to do, and we still do to this day is we just save our ‘Why’ on our phones. We look at our phone probably hundreds of times per day. And we lock it up with that screensaver. We’d put our ‘Why’ right on there.

And as far as mindset it’s all about, making sure that you’re controlling those inputs.

What are the things you’re reading? What are the things you’re listening to? Who’s in your inner circle? Who are your peers? Who are your coaches?

Who’s helping you to develop that mindset of a winner so you can get more of those outputs that you want, the positive output.

If you’re not putting the right things in your mind. Chances are you’re going to have that negative mindset. You’re going to have those negative outputs.

So before we left Barry, Sharon and Luke we asked them to drop us a quick piece of advice for anyone who is on the fence or Asleep on their potential right now.

“You can’t change your life unless you change your life. You want to make a difference. You have to just step out and do it.

The investment is well worth it. You’re going to get it back quick. All you’ve got to do is come in, follow the rules and take action. It will definitely happen for you.

You’re definitely going to be stepping out of your comfort zone. And there’s nothing like stepping out of your comfort zone when somebody is there with a hand to help, and just lead us through all these new experiences.

And Jay and Samera take care of every aspect, in the sense of the mindset. They have books and different things that people can read to help them out. It’s like a supportive family to go through this with you.”

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