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Don’t mobile homes depreciate? How will I make money?

Since mobile homes have VIN numbers and don’t come with land attached, a lot of people think they depreciate, i.e. lose value over time.

Truth: depreciation does not affect you as a mobile home investor.

Let us tell y’all why we don’t care about depreciation:

  1. Depreciation is an accounting/book-keeping term that doesn’t address real-world utility or usefulness.
  2. Buyers don’t care about imaginary numbers; they only care about a mobile home’s usefulness to them.
  3. Because affordable housing is such a big issue, there will always be demand for mobile homes, no matter how old they are.

Mobile homes are just like cars.

Imagine a 1986 Honda Accord that’s got 40,000 miles on it and is in good condition.

Even though it’s old and has depreciated, you can still sell it for good money because it’s a reliable car.

Just like that…

If you have a 1986, 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom double-wide that’s in great condition and is located in a good park…

There’ll be a lot of interested buyers.

It’s all about utility – people want a large, clean, safe place to live and raise their families.

Here’s a perfect example:

When Jay & Samera put up their first test ad on Facebook, Jay made a mistake on the listing.

Instead of putting 1985, he put 1975.

He didn’t mark up the home too much but it was still priced well above the Blue Book value.

Within 30 minutes their phone was blowing up; they got over 100 messages on Facebook.

There was demand, regardless of the home’s book value.

The market doesn’t care if a home was built in 1975, 1985, or 2015.

They care about buying homes that are in good condition, in a good location, at a fair price.

That’s your opportunity to solve problems, create value, and get paid.

So, there you have it…

You can get started with mobile home investing today…

With little to no capital.

All it takes is a little hustle and grind.

The only thing you’re missing is the know-how.

And as far as knowledge goes, you have 3 options.

1. Option #1 โ€“ Consume all the content you can find online

Our Youtube channel alone has over 100 videos talking about every aspect of mobile home investing.

You’ll learn a lot… and you may even close your first few deals because of it.

Here’s you’re sacrificing time for money.

You’ll always be able to make more money.

You’ll never be able to make more time.

2. Option #2 โ€“ You try to figure it all out yourself

Sure, that could work…

Or you could end up $100k in the hole like we did.

Do you want to take the risk?

Maybe, maybe not – it’s up to you.

3. Option #3 โ€“ Join our Accelerator program

Now, obviously, we’re biased.

But we’ve personally closed over 300 mobile home deals.

And our successful students have closed way more than that.

We’ve featured dozens of these students in case studies on our Youtube channel.

Check ’em out for yourself if you like.

Here’s the reality:

Trial-and-error is expensive.

You pay in both time and money.

When you join our Accelerator program, yes, you’re investing a significant amount of money…

But you save so much time.

And on top of that…

You’ll discover the exact right steps to take…

And mistakes to avoid…

So you can do what we said at the start of this email:

Start generating revenue ASAP.

Your first few deals will easily cover your investment in our program.

So, if that sounds like a fair deal to you…

Consider joining our Accelerator program.

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