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Julian and Katie are two of our favorite students who joined the accelerator program recently. We interviewed them just as they closed their first deal. It only took a couple of weeks since joining the accelerator program and they added two more to their pipeline as well.

They’re a lot like us in that they’ve found this synergy as a couple where Julian handles talking to people about the homes, inspections and other work out in the field. And Katie handles the admin work, following up, tracking metrics and finalizing contracts.

They both work 9 to 5s. Katie says she’s fine with that but it was Julian who had been feeling like he wanted to get out of that lifestyle lately. So for the past year they’ve been pitching business ideas back and forth to each other. Nothing quite clicked though.

Katie was also listening to a lot of investing podcasts in the meantime. That’s how she first heard about Mobile Home Investing. She shared the idea with Julian and he got so amped up he was like ‘Let’s goooooo!’

What Julian liked about Mobile Home Investing was the idea that it was ‘low risk, high reward’ and it seemed a lot more accessible to him than any of the other investing ideas they had come across. He said It felt like something he could be successful at.

They looked for ways to learn more about the niche and that’s when they found our YouTube channel. After checking out some of our content they decided to sign up to Trailer Cash Academy. And since then they’ve invested in themselves by joining the accelerator program.

So in this blog we’re going to introduce you to Katie and Julian, find out about their first deal and get some feedback on their journey with us so far.

Using our Facebook community like a support group

”The trailer cash academy community on Facebook has been so helpful.
So we started reading all the posts in there and getting everyone’s experience. And when we first did a couple drive throughs at the park we were bringing up Facebook and wanting to ask every question we had.

I’m like, ‘Let’s ask the group and see if someone’s posted about this.’“

Just like us, Katie and Julian had a ton of questions as they were beginning their journey. Even as they went through our course materials they found that they were coming up with at least 5 to 10 questions after each module.

And that’s really normal with any program that you purchase. You’re going to have questions that come up and that’s why you must have some type of network or support group with you along the way. Because when those questions come, you don’t want to be waiting a month sometimes just to get an answer.

Not every deal is cookie cutter, not every deal is the same. So there’s things that are going to come up that you just don’t know about. Things that you’ve never seen before. Even with us, we still see a lot of new things in every deal that we do.

So being able to leverage someone else’s experience and knowledge is helpful because you don’t have to try to go to Google or try to figure it out all on your own.

Katie and Julian’s first deal

”So we got a call. We use a Google Voice number and someone actually called in Spanish. And so Julian answered but he doesn’t speak any Spanish. He was like ‘Oh no no, call back. Call Katie.’ I decided to text message the number and just say, ‘Hey, can we speak in Spanish? I can do that over text.’

So we went out and saw the house. We couldn’t really talk much. Over texts we could but in person I spoke a little Spanish and she spoke a little English.

We saw the house. We were nervous about it. It was a very nice 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom. Completely remodeled on the inside. We sent you all those pictures. But we knew we wanted it and we were like, ‘This is going to be our first deal. We’re going to find buyers for this.’

So we wanted to wholesale it. But we were nervous about the language barrier and us being able to communicate what we were doing with her. We ended up actually buying it from her and then reselling it.”

Katie and Julian bought it from her on a Tuesday for $3500 and they had sold it by Thursday for $7500. Initially when she wanted $3500 they ran some test ads at that price to check out what the responses were like. And there were so many that they decided to just go for it. They got the paperwork done all in the same day.

And while they were closing that deal a few more opportunities came to them through the park manager.

”The park manager, actually I met him when I was there. And he said, ‘Hey, can I actually show you two other ones right now? Because this lady is trying to sell them fast.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah yeah, let’s walk to them.’ And they’re actually on the same street of the park.

‘She needs them sold. She needs them sold before March too. So, I know what you guys are doing. They don’t need much repairs. You guys could turn these around.’

And we wanted to help her out too. So that was cool. He was on board and so we got those on Saturday. And yeah, we’ve already probably done 14 or so showings.”

That’s amazing to us because they got the homes under contract on Saturday, and it was a Monday at the time we interviewed them. So, they had done 14 viewings in about 2 days. They got both homes for $1200 a piece and posted up an ad for $8500.

What surprised them the most since they started this

Like a lot of people who get into mobile home investing Katie and Julian were very surprised by the demand for affordable housing.

”It’s been surprising how many people are… I did not anticipate the response we’ve been getting. But people are telling us their needs, like what they want, what we should look for, if they’re available to be moved etc.

So they’re giving us all that good information and we’re looking forward to give these homes to them.”

We talk about it a lot, but I think people take it for granted. The need for affordable housing is crazy in America. People really need affordable housing. They need places to stay for their families. And when we got into it that was our biggest aha moment too. Like, ‘Whoa, we’re really providing something that people need.’

And so mobile home investors are providing for that need. We’re solving problems. Katie and Julian are solving a big need in the marketplace and that’s why they’re getting paid and getting these deals coming to them so fast.

”We’ve actually been waiting to tell a lot of our friends and friend groups what we’re doing until we’re actually doing it. We’ve just been waiting to tell them.

But every day I’m like, I want to tell them all. I want them to know and experience that.”

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