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Our YouTube channel has been really successful, guys. But we’re concerned that we’re creating a culture of Infotainment. The kind where our audience is consuming the information we provide, but they’re not taking action.

What we want to create instead is a culture of execution.

In January 2021 we started a FREE Mobile Home Investing For Beginners community on Facebook. And we launched it with a FREE workshop to describe to everyone how they can get to financial freedom in this business.

Have you read our previous blog where we explain what the 6 As to Ascension are?

The 6 As are phases along the journey towards your vision of success and financial freedom.

The phases from lowest to highest are: Asleep, Awake, Activated, Applying, Accelerating and Ascension.

At Trailer Cash Academy we’re creating a culture where people guide each other on how to get from Asleep to Ascension in this business.

So in this blog you’re going to find out what to expect when you join our FREE Mobile Home Investing For Beginners community on Facebook.

Creating a culture of Execution

As we mentioned we’re very grateful to have a successful channel, guys. But us and our coaches feel like there’s a lot of people who are consuming the content and just imagining what could be.

At some point it becomes information overload. Especially for those individuals who are brand new or on the fence about getting started.

We can talk about knowledge all day. We can read every book, we can watch every single YouTube video, but it don’t mean a damn thing if we’re not out there in the field, actually executing.

So we intend to create a culture of execution and we want to create this culture by opening up a FREE Mobile Home Investing For Beginners community on Facebook.

We really know it’s needed.

Watching is one thing. But when you’re around other people, you’re being inspired, you’re connecting, collaborating, and having conversations that can change the game, especially when you’re a beginner.

Or maybe you need a little bit more confirmation and support from others.

And so that’s what we want to bring you guys with the FREE Mobile Home Investing For Beginners community on Facebook

And just to let you guys know, we’re going to be packing this community with a ton of resources. Just for joining you’re going to get our Trailer Cash For Beginners Checklist which really breaks down the process from A to Z.

We’re also going to have our coaches give you guys training there. So it’s going to be a great resource for you guys that are just getting started.

And we’re even going to be giving away a couple of Master Classes to a few people. We got some work you’ve got to do to earn that, but we’re going to make sure that we do our part and give those away.

But execution is what it takes guys. We can talk until we’re blue in the face and you guys can write as many notes as you want to, but until you start actually taking action and executing or planning to execute then you’re still in the same spot.

Remember this, execution is like worship. Execution is how you get from one phase in your journey to the next.

You want to move from being Asleep to being Awake to your opportunities and your potential.

Then you want to Activate your learning through our programs and community engagement. And then you’re going to train yourself to Apply it out in the marketplace.

Once you’ve been out in the market and had some wins and losses, that’s when you know you’ve had real experience under your belt.

And then when you’re ready we can help you start Accelerating.

For members of our community who are ready to enter the Accelerating phase we’ve got a successful Accelerator Program where we work with them closely to the point where they’re closing 5 deals a month or more.

But the fact of the matter is not everyone is ready for the Accelerator Program. If you’re not even out in the field taking action we can’t guide you further than taking a few notes in a notebook.

For the students that have Accelerated their growth to the point where they can’t offer much more to the business, we’ve recently introduced our Scale Your Sales workshop where we teach them how to scale up their enterprise and get to the final Ascension phase.

Those are the 6 As of Ascension, guys. If you’re a beginner to mobile home investing you don’t need to think too much about that. You just need to get yourself into our FREE Mobile Home Investing For Beginners community on Facebook, start executing and make it to the Applying phase of your journey.

You’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to run into some walls. You’re going to stumble and fall. But our community is going to help you get back up and guide you through all that.

Some of you might be saying ‘How do I put this into my schedule? I’m working a full-time job. I have a family. I have, my body, my mind, I do all these things. How do I make sure that the right things are getting done?’

Well if anybody is an example of what’s possible it’s our coach Brandon. He has three kids. A full-time job working as a Data Analyst. Then multiple deals partnering with other students. While also helping coach our community.

Even when we first started, Samera was working easily 60 to 70 hours a week as a CPA. I was working 50 to 60 hours, and I was working on my MBA. We had other priorities that we were working on as well.

But we still found a way. Most of the time it’s just some small shifts and pivots that you need to do with the 24 hours that you’re given each day.

Don’t let a scarcity mindset hold you back

A lot of people are being held back because they’re feeling cash strapped right now.

But just remember the group will be FREE.

If you’re in the Awake phase right now then you know that you have to find a way to build up the cash to get started.

The great thing for you is that Trailer Cash Academy can teach you how to broker deals without having to hold any inventory. So for now you just need to develop your money mindset, and start investing in yourself.

The free group is just a stepping stone. It’s a way for you to prepare to join our Accelerator program.

The higher you elevate, the more that you’re going to have to invest in yourself. Or else there’s going to be some type of plateau. So really think about your money mindset. Where are you at?

Some of you guys are not in the game because the problem is you’re telling yourself I don’t have enough time, I don’t have enough money, I don’t have enough knowledge. It’s all lies. It’s all BS.

There’ve been plenty of students that have come in here with 5 and 6 kids, taking care of ill mothers, grandmothers, working all these jobs. They’re still finding that success because their WHY is that strong.

And that’s the thing. It’s like, ‘How bad do you want it?’

Just remember that there’s a devil at every level. There’s always going to be problems. We’re facing problems too. It’s a part of being an entrepreneur. We’re out here finding solutions to problems. The more you can find solutions, the further you’re going to go on your journey.

And yes this doesn’t mean your problems are going to go away easily. It’s just a matter of continuing to solve those problems and overcoming them. And as you do that, you grow. You will build the capacity so that you can produce more. And that’s the whole goal.

Sometimes we need a little bridge. Sometimes we need training wheels to get to that next level.

And that’s what this FREE Mobile Home Investing For Beginners community on Facebook is all about.

Giving you guys those training wheels. So you can collaborate and connect and get to that Accelerating phase.

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