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What’s up family! For those of you who don’t know we opened up a FREE Trailer Cash Academy Community in Jan 2021.

The purpose of having this community is to give out information that makes it easier for you to achieve your goals. And at the same time be connected with our members from all across the country.

So the idea is that we aren’t just hoarding information. We are learning and applying it in the field together. That’s what we are all about.

Our coaches will be giving out the right information to help you in the field based on what they have done. We will introduce them to you in this blog post. This is going to help you get over that learning curve faster!

Since they are actively doing deals it will be great to get information from them, especially because they’ve dealt with so many different circumstances before.

We also want you to network with your peers. For newcomers starting out, think about creating friendships and partnerships.

Ask questions, hear what your peers have accomplished and what they’ve gone through. Remember that building bonds with people will make your learning way smoother.

It’s also going to get you out of your comfort zone. Our students have come to learn that the biggest part of their success was through the community.

You can literally search for questions in the facebook group search bar, or start a discussion on what you would like to know about. It’s that easy!

So in this blog post we’re going to give you a heads up on who your coaches are, and tell you about the freebies that we’re giving out to group members. They’ve helped all our students a lot!

Why would I want to join this community?

One reason you’ll want to join the community is because we’ll be dropping a ton of gems in there. We’ve got all of our team, our coaches, in there as well. They’re going to be sharing what they’re learning.

The other reason is that we want you to learn how to partner with other community members, and add value to their lives too. The main thing here is we want to get you the information, but we also want you to get connected to our community.

It’s going to help motivate you to get off your butt, get off of the YouTube channel and actually get out there and take some action.

We’ve seen in the past that when students see each other post often they are more willing to link up in person, and create their own small mastermind groups to help each other out. So we’re really excited to be a part of that.

We’re focused on those people that are just trying to get started. This is what this community is about.

You should read our blog post where we talk about the 6 As to Ascension.

We’re focused on people who are in theAsleep or Awake phase of their mobile home journey. And we’ve created a community for you that has the means to get you from Awake to out there in the field.

Plus we are dropping a lot of free stuff in there.

There’s going to be so much free information. There’s already a lot of information in there right now. But as we continue to grow as a community and you start dropping your questions, those questions start to get answered for everyone.

What’s really cool is that after some time you’re going to be able to just go right into that search bar and start typing your question in there.

Because chances are that question has already been asked and answered. That’s how it is in our initial facebook group of Accelerator Program students. It becomes a powerful tool for you like its own search engine.

One of the freebies we already dropped in the group right now is the Trailer Cash For Beginners Checklist. We’ve had students go out and close deals just utilizing this checklist.

The checklist actually goes step by step. It’s about 25 pages. And it talks about all of the different phases of getting your first deal done.

And man we’ve had people just literally checking off as they go. Closing deals just from this free checklist. So you’re going to get that just for joining the community.

Over time we’re going to be dripping out content and some of things from our Accelerator Program. So you want to be there to catch that. We want to make sure that you’re able to get little bites from the program.

Meet your Coaches

These are our five Trailer Cash Academy Coaches that are going to be showing up for you guys.

We don’t just hire anyone as coaches on our team. First and foremost, you gotta fit the criteria we’re looking for. At least 20 deals done in less than a year. All of them have done it.

And not just that, you have to be willing to be a Go Giver. That’s literally one of our core values.

They love giving. It’s not about money with them. It’s like the ‘Each one teach one, to reach one’ mindset. They love helping and seeing other members in the community grow.

So our coaches have been through our programs and are thoroughly vetted. And here’s a little bit more about them, their achievements and backgrounds.

Mark Anthony

Coach Mark Anthony made a whopping $152,000 in 5 days a couple of weeks ago. And that was 5 wholesale deals. Mark has done hundreds of deals. So he’s a wealth of knowledge.

And he’s definitely going to be someone in there worth taking advice from.

Brandon Boyd

Coach Brandon has done some amazing things, man. He’s doing a lot of deals virtually. If you are into data, if you’re into key performance indicators, he’s the man for that!

He’s equipped with a skill set that’s helped a lot of the students in the program to include essential tech and data in their mobile home investing journey.

Jason Gulley

Coach Jason Gulley does a lot of our beginners coaching calls. But that’s when he gets back in, because he’s always out in the field doing wholesale deals. It’s almost like he’s doing a wholesale deal a day.

He just has a heart of gold and is willing to help.

Jason Session

Coach Jason Session is out in the Texas market. He loves playing the negotiator as a wholesale guy.He’s really building up his business, now that he’s gone through our Scale Your Sales program for the coaches. He’s really working on scaling, hiring and delegating.

But he is always there to help and he keeps it real.

Charity Thomas

Coach Charity Thomas was just on the channel not too long ago. She started maybe about 4 or 5 months ago, ended up going into this business full time, and also bringing her daughter along. And it’s amazing to see them grow their business together.

She came in flipping anything. I think one of her first deals was actually an RV. We didn’t teach her how to do those things. She figured that out at home. And she’s always willing to share and give so much valuable information as she’s learning.

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