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They Started Off With Barely Any Money To Invest. Now They Can Afford A Honeymoon Cruise

A year before we interviewed Jill and Jose, they had gotten hit by Hurricane Michael. It took them many months to recover from it. In fact, even 8 to 10 months after you could still see blue tarps on top of some homes in their community.

While they got back on their feet Jill and Jose spent a lot of time thinking and researching about ways to make money on the side. And they’d always been interested in the idea of doing something together as a couple. In that process they discovered our YouTube channel.

They enrolled with us at Trailer Cash Academy and within a short amount of time they’ve been able to complete 3 mobile home deals. 2 of them were actually sold before they even started any rehab. And now they’re able to pay for that cruise that they’ve been wanting to go on for years.

Jose handles the rehab part while Jill takes care of the business side of things. And in this blog we’re going to talk to them both about what their first deal was like and what their plans are for the future.

Their first mobile home deal won them two more

Jill and Jose got their first ever mobile home for free. But it was a bad one. The walls were moving, the floor was rotten, and it needed a lot of work. It took them about 4 months and $7000 to fix it. But then they sold it for $12,500 in the end so they still managed to double their money even though Jill said it cost more than they would have liked.

Getting that check felt good though.

“It’s like ‘We finally did it!’ because all along the way we kept saying, ‘Oh, I hope we can sell it. Oh, I hope we can get this done.’ And we finally did it. It was so exciting.

And at the same time we’d gotten so many calls, so much interest in that first one that we already had this huge list of people to make. People were asking us, ‘Do you have a 3 bedroom, 2 bath. Can you find us a 2 bedroom, 2 bath?’
And we were like ‘Wow.’”

And then what happened was they had heard about these two other homes over in Alabama. They were debating whether to get them or not, but after talking to people on their buyers list they got a few confirmations from buyers who were interested. They showed the buyers a few pictures of the two homes, and they were ready to sign the contracts right there.

So they basically pre-sold both of those homes, and all they needed to do was a little bit of rehab work when the homes arrived in Florida. It wouldn’t take more than 30 days.

What we found really great about Jill and Jose is how they were able to get the trust of the buyers so soon. It’s not often that buyers give investors any kind of money unless the house is completely done, they’ve walked it, and checked everything.

”I think it helped that we had the first one done. So we literally had people looking at the first one.

One couple, for instance, we invited them over to the house that we’d already sold but they hadn’t moved in yet. And we just put some lawn chairs in the living room and walked them through. So that they could see the kind of rehab, they could see the kind of skill that Jose has at renovation.

And so by doing that, we said ,’We’ll do the same thing to your house. You can pick your paint colors. We’ll put the same kind of flooring in.’ And so they were like, ‘Okay!’

They could see, I think, the vision of it. And they needed housing so bad that again, they saw what we could do and they said, ‘You’ll do it like this? Here’s the down payment.’”

They started with no money to invest and now they’ve
got enough for a honeymoon cruise

Things are looking so good for Jill and Jose right now that Jose put in notice at his job saying that he’s going to have to go part-time from now on.

Jill says that they feel like the world is their oyster right now. Of the 5 different exit strategies that we teach at Trailer Cash Academy Jill and Jose have only done one so far, which is owner finance with rehab. So at this point she feels like they can do so many different things and go in so many directions.

Or they could maybe put things on pause and treat themselves.

“We got married 4 years ago now. And so we meant to take a cruise. We got married and we still haven’t done it.

It’s like life took over. We’ve got six kids between us. Some of them are grown. Some of them are not. But we just kinda got so busy with parenting and work that we haven’t been able to do it.

So we decided with some of the money that we’ll be making with this, that we’re going to go ahead and take a cruise this year.”

We love to hear that because it’s not about the money. It’s about your ‘Why’. You work so hard so you can enjoy moments like that together. It’s about creating memories.

Before we got off the call with Jill and Jose we asked them to pitch in on some advice for any of our readers who are on the fence, or still trying to convince their spouse that mobile home investing actually works.

“I was the one that was the instigator. With this he was on the fence. It took finding that free home for us to be like ‘There’s nothing to lose. It’s a free house. Let’s just get started.’ Because he could think of all the cons and I was coming and trying to give all the positive stuff about going with it.

And sometimes that happens in a relationship. You’re on different sides of the fence.

I would just say there’s people out there that have had way more success than we’ve had in 4 months. There’s people in their first 90 days that are bringing in $20,000. Every story is different. I feel like we’re starting off slow and steady, and that works for us because we really didn’t have any money going into this.

We had to do it every 2 weeks as we had a paycheck. We’d put the flooring down and then we’d wait to get money for paint. And then we had to pay our bills on our own home. And pay the groceries and gas and all that. We’ve got kids, we’ve got to pay for their soccer and stuff. And there’s probably a lot of people in our position. There was one point that we had to stop for a week or two.

But like I said, that didn’t stop us from finishing the job. We did it. “

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