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Jerome Closed 20 Mobile Home Deals In 90 Days. And 10 Of Those Homes He Got For FREE?


y name is Jerome Jordan. I’m from Jacksonville, Florida. I’m actually a Captain at a major airline here in the U.S. And for fun I invest in mobile homes.”

Jerome is one of our rockstar members from Jacksonville, Florida. And we met up with him because he had gone and done 20 deals in 90 days, with 7 more in the pipeline.

Like a lot of our students Jerome didn’t have any real estate background. Mobile homes were his first formal investment. He came across Trailer Cash Academy because he was curious about mobile homes, how to set them up and how to move them, and he discovered our channel on YouTube. He’s been following us ever since.

So in this blog we wanted Jerome to tell us more about how he did it and what drives him to be so active.

Jerome’s first deal blew our minds

“My first deal I bought a mobile home for 700 bucks. Never saw the inside of it. Rolled by, saw it was 700 bucks and done it. Paid the 700 bucks, walked inside and I’m like ‘Oh God, what have I gotten myself into?’

But that first deal has taught me so much. It was the foundation of what I’m going through and what I’m building now. And I don’t even regret it.”

“Yeah, that first deal was what I call an ‘owner finance’ deal. She’s probably going to kill me for saying this but that first deal I would clear a little over $25,000.”

“I set the price point where I know it’s affordable. I try to work with everyone. What can you afford? Let’s make sure that you’re not putting yourself in a situation where you overextend yourself. So she makes payments faithfully every month while the home is being well taken care of. It’s a great thing.

Anytime you can be a homeowner and have to pay rent or something that you’ll never own it’s a wonderful thing. So she’s looking at long distance, long-term, and I never had to worry.”

How Jerome adds value

Keep in mind Jerome has only been a Trailer Cash Academy student for 90 days but since then Jerome has gone on to embrace multiple sides of the business with a team that he delegates to.

“I do it all. I keep the money in-house. So, I can purchase a mobile home and I’ll move it if I have to move it. If someone asks me to move it, I’m licensed to move it and to set up in two states, Florida and Georgia. And I’m currently working on South Carolina.”

“Where there’s a will there’s a way. So, my biggest thing is execution. Just getting it all out of your mind, putting it on paper, seeing it, having a visioning board, and everyday working towards it. 20 deals in 90 days. No regrets on any of them.”

And here’s the thing. He’s gone and done 20 deals, where on 10 of those he managed to get the mobile homes for free. He says with a little persistence, patience, and hard work he was able to find homes where people just wanted them moved off the property. Because sometimes parents or someone up in age is moving away or moving out of state, and they don’t want the responsibility of it any longer. You can find homes like that for free.

“There are free homes out there and everything could be used. So there’s homes with appliances. Sometimes the new homeowner doesn’t want the appliances. So, I’m able to take the appliances and clean them up or offer value to someone else.”

So, the way Jerome has set his business up is that he makes money off the sale of the mobile home, the move of the mobile home, the set up of the mobile home, as well as the appliances.

Jerome is a lot like us in that he understands that we’re in a business of service – service before self.

Guys, find ways to bring value in multiple ways and you’ll always get paid. Bring the value first and the money will come after.

“My business is called NBNS LLC which stands for New Beginning and Start. And what I believe in is if I can help others, the money will come. So what I believe is providing affordable housing. If I’m able to get a home, then my first thought process is ‘How can this home be rewarding to someone else?’ So that’s why so many things came about with me moving the homes, installing the homes, and just keeping the price point down low to make it affordable.”

What he learned from mobile home investing

Jerome is on a roll, and he wants to keep building the momentum. He says his goal for the next 90 days is to double those 20 deals. His original goal was 10 deals in a year. But he doubled that already. So now he’s going to double that again. And how he’s going to do that is by empowering others, getting them in his camp, showing them the process and making money together.

Before we left Jerome we asked him to give us his take on the most surprising thing he’s discovered about the mobile home investing business.

“The most surprising thing is that it’s possible. You don’t need a lot of money to get started. The myth is that you’ve got to have tens and twenties or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank. You don’t.

You have to spend time, put effort in, and do your research. If everyone out there, they follow you guys’ strategy it works. The blueprint is there. It’s definitely there. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel and rewrite it. Just follow it, be patient and trust the process.”

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