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Jason Struggled With Wholesaling Real Estate Until He Switched To Mobile Homes

Jason has been wanting to get into real estate for the last year and half because he’s always had this entrepreneurial spirit to do his own thing. He never felt like a 9 to 5 was where he was supposed to be. And so he started educating himself trying to figure out how the real estate game works.

While educating himself he stumbled across our channel, liked the content and started diving into our course material. He had a lot of pitfalls and obstacles previously with wholesaling single-family stick-built homes.

Joining Trailer Cash Academy helped him remove any false beliefs and limitations he had developed along the way that might prevent him from going all-in on mobile homes.

Guys, remember that Mobile home investing is a completely different animal than traditional real estate. And the type of people you’re dealing with a different as well. You’re dealing with people that really need your help and need it quickly. The whole niche itself is just completely different.

So when you focus on mobile homes and really zone in on that niche it helps you see way more opportunities.

Jason had been with us for about 40 days at the time of this interview and he just closed his first wholesale deal of a mobile home. So in this blog you’re going to learn a bit more about Jason, what the deal was, and how he’s feeling about his future in mobile home investing.

What was the deal like and why was wholesaling the right strategy?

The seller was on private land with this particular mobile home they were living in. They were a young couple with a little baby. And they had just bought a brand-new home that they wanted to move it in. So, they had to get rid of the one they were living in.

With the numbers that they were looking to try to get and the cost of having to move it off the property it made the most sense for Jason to wholesale it. And so that’s what he did.

Jason told us that getting this first deal done was really important to him.

”I think it just, it was validating for me that this was real and that it can be done. You know what I mean?

Because I had struggled for so long with stick-built homes. And there’s a few times where I came so close to closing a deal and they would fall through or something like that.

So just to actually get to the closing table, get the paperwork signed, the money exchanged, everybody’s happy, everybody’s winning, and to walk away with the money in hand…I couldn’t even wait to get home.

It was just really validating that this is a for real thing. And that it’s something I know that I can be successful at. And like I said before, the stuff that’s coming in my pipeline is just reaffirming that. It’s crazy. It’s awesome.”

His buyer was a lady that owns a mobile home park in Houston. She likes to buy mobile homes to put them in, fix them up, and owner finance them, rent them out or sell them. So she’s in the same business as us basically.

Jason learned a lot about inspecting tand valuing mobile homes when she came out to take a look at it. She taught him a lot since she’s been in the business for a long time.

He said the price he got was a little bit less than what he wanted but, in the end, it made sense and they paid cash. He made $500 on that first deal but it’s not even about the dollar amount. It’s about getting through the process and building confidence to get out there and do it again.

“I totally agree with that. That’s probably been the biggest thing about this whole thing, the confidence that it gave me to go out there and start calling on more people and get more appointments.

I’ve got all these sheets here of all these appointments that I’ve got set for this weekend. It’s just given me that confidence to go out there and push and push and grind.

But here’s something I had to explain to my wife. This deal here was not just about $500. Yes, the $500 was nice, but also the contact that I made. I’ve got a lady that owns a mobile home park. The seller is also a mobile home mover.

And they’re telling me, ‘Hey, as soon as you get more under contract, call me. I want to be your first point of contact.’ So just the contacts that I made in this transaction alone, the whole process and the $500 is going to be a beautiful thing. And in future business down the road too.”

How Jason feels about joining Trailer Cash Academy

Jason is really active and engaged in the Trailer Cash Academy community. His feedback about our little community has been great.

We love hearing that because we put our heart and soul into that group. We know there’s people that need that support. And even just seeing Jason complete a deal can inspire someone else to get off their butt and go out there and find the next deal.

So having people share stories and give constant feedback in the group is so powerful for so many people.

“They’ve been so awesome. The people there I’ve met, there’s one here locally that her and I’ve connected. She’s so sweet. We talk on the phone throughout the week and just support each other in her business and my business.

The nuggets that I’m getting from the group, that’s been phenomenal. And I can reach out, I can drop a message, then you and Sameera or anybody else in the room y’all are on top of it. You’re answering the questions. Not necessarily immediately, but it’s so quick. And just anything you need answered, it’s right there and available to you.

And so the group in itself has been invaluable to me. Because I really feel like ya’ll keep mentioning that it’s a family and it really is.

That’s why every time we have a new member come in, I’m always like ‘Welcome to the family.’ It’s a family. We’ve come together. We help support each other’s businesses, no matter where we are in this country. We come together to push each other and drive each other to make each other successful.

And I think that’s what it’s all about. That’s what I love about the group.”

Jason’s goal for the next 90 days was to make 4 wholesale deals. And then with the capital that he builds up from that he wants to start investing in some rehabs and owner financing deals. His the ultimate goal is to earn $10,000 a month in passive income coming from owner financed mobile homes in parks.

So, we’re excited to see what Jason does in the future. And like we always say, 10X your goals because if your goals don’t scare you then they’re not big enough.

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