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She Earned $6000 On Her First Mobile Home Deal In 30 Days. That’s Why She Quit Wholesaling Regular Homes.

Jasmine was having a tough time before joining Trailer Cash Academy. She recalls feeling crushed after putting out something like 2000 door hangers in Phoenix one time and not getting a single call back. That was until she enrolled with us at Trailer Cash Academy. Within 30 days she closed her first deal making a profit of $6000.

We got on a call with Jasmine so we could ask her to share her story with us.

Jasmine was getting ‘Zero deals’

At the time she was working on traditional single-family homes. Her biggest problem was the competition.

“There were so many people like doing the same. Everyone had a sign. I don’t know if you guys have seen the ‘We Buy Houses’ signs, but they’re pretty much everywhere. I was trying to figure out how to set ourselves apart from everybody else. To get in the door, to even get walkthroughs and make an offer. That was the biggest thing that we had issues with.”

When she talked about everything she was doing back in the beginning it sounded just like the experiences we had. We were wholesaling everything under the sun. She even tried probate, foreclosures, pre-foreclosure and auctions.It was a real grind for sure.

And even though she took up some courses and programs to improve her chances at the end of it all she wasn’t getting any deals.

“Zero deals. When we were calling realtors trying to get deals done it was just like ‘Oh yeah, I’ll just add you to the list of other wholesalers that I work with.’ And I’m like, oh man okay, great. I’m probably not going to hear from this person. When I’d follow up with them, they were like ‘Oh I already have a person that I go to. Sorry.’ So yeah there were zero deals.”

Jasmine joined Trailer Cash Academy and it helped her a lot

“Trailer Cash Academy. Okay. Now that’s a different story. That was 30 days in and closing our first deal, which is insane!”

Jasmine started putting into practice everything we were teaching her and in about 20 days she got a call-in from someone who was getting evicted. She went through the motions of going to the appointment, seeing the home, and to her surprise she progressed the deal to the point where the person was accepting her offer.

“And yeah, 30 days later exactly, July 11th, we closed our first deal. As you mentioned it was a $6,000 profit. Was not expecting it whatsoever.

‘Cause when you get into this, you’re like okay, results might happen because everybody’s pitching like you can get it done and it can happen so fast. Then when it does you go okay, well that’s just another person telling stories. But you guys definitely stand by your word for sure. So I was blown away. Blown away.”

We give credit to Jasmine because she is definitely one our favorite students so far. She’s been so diligent, she listens, and she takes instructions well. At the end of the day if she didn’t do the work it wouldn’t have worked for her.

She followed our philosophy of bringing value for all sides and she was able to help someone that was literally about to lose their home. They were about to receive nothing, have a judgment on her record, and be evicted from the community. Jasmine seized the opportunity to step in and help her out.

“The seller was someone that was getting evicted or they had already been evicted, the judgment had already been issued, but they were having problems with the park. And they were like you know what? We don’t want the park to take the home. We would rather sell it to you guys. So we were like, okay, let’s see what we can do.”

“It fit what we were looking for. It was an 82 I believe, a 2 by 2 double wide in a 55 plus community.”

“We were thinking it’s going to be beat up, run down, but we went to check it out and it was in great shape. And we’re like, oh my gosh, I think this may be it, I think this may be a deal!”

After running the numbers, she offered $3400 and was shocked when the owner accepted.

How Trailer Cash Academy won her over

Jasmine says that what made her really believe in Trailer Cash Academy and mobile home investing was our method of doing test ads on Facebook. It was in seeing the response and how in demand these homes are because Arizona is getting expensive for housing. It clicked for her how people really need affordable housing and that’s when she got confirmation that we’re on to something.

“Going through the course and seeing all the details that go into it, I’m like, man, you guys are really helping people.
That’s what really got me locked in. It’s how you can actually help somebody get a home, have home ownership and do whatever else they need to do.

They have pride in their homes. It’s insane driving through some of these parks and seeing the things that people do with their homes. They’re really nice.”

We love how Jasmine went through the course, went through all the modules and got an overview of how everything works. Then just took that information and applied it. They only really reached out to us when it was like an actual deal. And then we talked, we gave them some pointers, and they did everything we said and ended up getting the deal done.

Now Jasmine and her brother are working on different deals, wholesale opportunities, multiple calls per week, multiple appointments and they feel validated. They’re getting actual results and finally feel like they’re doing something right.

Before we got off the call with Jasmine we asked her to share some advice with you guys about starting your mobile home investment journey, especially if you’ve been struggling to get started in Trailer Cash Academy.

“I would say the biggest thing is… about learning the information, learning the knowledge, and then applying it out in the field. And seeing how what I’ve learned actually works in the real world. Because you can only give so many scenarios.

Actually take the action and get out there and have those sellers come back at you with rebuttals, and then be like ‘I don’t know what to do!’ Having that experience and then saying ‘okay, now I can tie those two together’, it makes everything make a lot more sense as well, at least for me.

I know going back through the videos and rewatching them I’m like ‘oh, that’s what you guys meant.’ after having that situation happen. That’s the biggest thing for me.”

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