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How Being A People Person Helped This Nurse Secure 6 Mobile Home Deals in 30 Days

Audrey is a nurse, who joined our trailer cash accelerator and closed her first deal for $3000 within 30 days. And not only that but she has 6 more in the pipeline that are also worth the same, or even more.

Being a nurse she’s a people person by nature. She’s learned how to listen and relate to people. So, what she’s done is taken all the information we give in our course and made it her own, in a way that allows her to go out there and continue to help.

Another trait that she uses from her life as a nurse is patience. Since she’s doing a lot of running around, balancing personal life with this new venture as well as other responsibilities, it requires a certain amount of patience and organization to make sure everything is taken care of.

Especially when it comes to treating her buyers and sellers well. It’s important to exercise patience in order to listen to them and learn what their needs are.

We’re excited for Audrey’s success. She had some doubters in her family that thought this mobile home investing journey was a waste of time. But she turned around and showed them the proof when she got that first earner’s deposit.

So in this blog we’re going to talk a little bit about that first deal, as well as what it’s like being a woman out there in the field.

Applying people skills to mobile home investing

The seller Audrey was speaking to had some issues previously with structuring the deal. He said he was looking for a buyer who knew how to do the transaction for him. And so he had been sitting on things waiting to figure out what to do.

While they were waiting, they were considering either getting a realtor to help or renting it out, even though they’re not allowed to do that. The problem was that they already bought a new home and they wanted to be out of that park soon. But that means they were highly motivated, which is good for her.

“And I said, ‘Okay I can definitely help.’ So I came along and I told them this is what I can do. I can help. I can help find you a buyer, a qualified buyer for your home.

And also for the park. Because the person has to be parked approved. And I can do that within 30 to 60 days. And they said, ‘You can do that? You can sell this house within 30 to 60 days?’ And I said, ‘Yes, absolutely.’”

We noticed how Audrey said that with confidence.

How was she absolutely certain she would sell the house in that time? What she explained to us was that it was more about expressing her commitment to help. That’s the nurse side of her talking.

”Because I’ve had personal losses financially. And just… I can relate to pain and suffering. I’m a nurse, so I hear it all the time.

And so I also can empathize that. I understand how difficult it is getting on your feet or starting over. Or even just wanting to move from point A to point B in life. And these are major lifestyle changes that a person needs help with.

So what helped me and helps other people, again, I can’t stress it enough, is just saying, ‘Okay, I hear your pain. Now we can find a solution together.’”

That’s something we’re big on guys. It’s about showing them how you can serve them and working together to solve their problem. That’s the type of approach that closes deals, gets you testimonials, and puts smiles on everyone’s faces.

Remember that when you put your service hat on while talking to people, and you’re in that service mindset, you can get sellers and buyers to agree to a lower price or higher price just because your service paid for that.

Audrey’s buyer was a lady with 2 adult children, and she was also a grandma. She works as well, but in her free time she’s always babysitting because she’s got 3 or 4 infant grandchildren. So she was loving the home. It was a 4 bedroom 2 bath in her immediate area and the price was great for her.

She saw the home on an ad and immediately got in touch. Audrey made about $3000 on that deal. The house sold so quickly, and the seller was so impressed that she told someone else in the park. That’s how Audrey got another 6 homes under contract as well.

We were on call with her through the process using Voxer. We’d check in on her, she’d check in with us, it was perfect.

“You guys are great. I love Voxer. And you both have given me some great advice on what to do and just reminding me to make sure I basically cross my T’s and dot my I’s.

And I’d say ‘Okay, perfect. I’m right on track with the information that you shared with me.’ Or I would say, ‘Oh, yes, I forgot about that.’ And then quickly readjust and make sure that I have everything that I need to get this deal done correctly.”

We have to commend Audrey because it’s one thing to get the course but you have to take action. She shows up on our mastermind calls consistently, she’s posting in our community, she’s being engaged and utilizing Voxer. We say we have a hundred percent success rate with our students when they’re simply engaging with us.

Other than that she’s just following the blueprint and making it her own. And now she’s got 6 new contracts in a little over 30 days since joining the program. She said she wasn’t really expecting it to happen this fast.

“It was surprising in the sense that I didn’t think, ’Oh, it’s going to happen to me.’ We always think that works for other people, but I don’t know if it’s gonna work for me.

I said, ‘No, you know what, if someone else can do it, I can do it too. I have nothing but all the time in the world. I’m not an idiot. I’m knowledgeable. And hey, my dad always says ‘Nothing beats a failure but a try.’

So get out there and try it and see what happens. You’ll never know. The old adage about playing the lottery is that you can’t win if you don’t play. Let’s get into this, let me get my feet wet and let me see what happens. It’s worth the try.’

And I love it. I love it. I eat sleep and drink mobile home. And I’m enjoying myself. So I’m very happy and I’m very grateful that I’ve met the both of you and the information and knowledge you’ve given us.”

Audrey’s only concern was being a woman out
in the field

While we were talking to Audrey about some of the challenges she faced getting into this business, she brought up the experience of being a woman who has to go out on her own to meet these sellers and buyers.

Samera and Audrey had a lot in common to share on the subject. And they had some great tips for any women out there who are feeling uncertain about dealing with mobile homes.

“As a woman, walking into a home with another buyer, being isolated by myself is different for me.”

“I’m always consciously aware of my environment through my training, as a nurse, paramedic, EMT, working for the fire department etc. I’m always concerned that when I walk into a building or a home, if anything happens, where’s my exit.

So I find that a little bit uncomfortable. And I have to get used to that. There are nurses that have home health nursing that are going in and out of a person’s house all the time.

When I was much younger and I worked for the fire department I always went and out of homes all the time as well. But the difference is I always had a partner. I always had someone with me.

So I find myself… I find that a little different. Because I have to worry about my personal safety. So I told my son I’ll just go out with my pit bull!”

Samera identifies with that because when you’re going to these homes you never know who’s going to show up. You’ve talked to them on the phone, but there’s not a lot of time to really understand who the person is.

So she always tries to call someone like Jay or a family member and let them know where she’s at or let them know that she’ll call them back in 15 to 30 minutes. Samera says, ’If I feel any type of shakiness from that person, instantly I’ll get on the phone with someone. And that way, I just feel like there’s someone else there with me in case of anything.’

Another thing you can do is collect their identification. Or get a picture of their license before you meet them just so you can have that on the back end if anything were to happen.

Be aware of the exits. You can even stand outside the home while the buyer walks in and looks around the home themselves. That way you won’t put yourself in the type of situation where you can get trapped in there. Or if you’re walking the buyer through the home let them lead, so you’re kind of always behind them.

”Exactly. And what I’ve done also is a lot of times I’ll let someone lead throughout the home. I’d say ‘Okay. I’ll follow you. Show me where and I’ll follow you.’ So I always have them in front. But, I’m just cautious and careful.

Otherwise, besides that I’ve had a blast.”

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