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How This Mobile Home Investing Student Became A Coach At Trailer Cash Academy

In this blog we’re going to introduce you to one of our rockstar students, and Trailer Cash Academy Coach, Coach Jason.

He’s been doing some amazing things. This guy was able to join our program and actually quit his job within 3 months of starting his mobile home investing journey.

Since joining us he’s done over 12 mobile home flips. And he’s only been in the business for 9 months.

When Jason first signed up with us he had what they call ‘Buyer’s Remorse’. He was thinking to himself ‘Did I just fall for some kind of gimmick? I can’t believe I gave them my money.’

But he was watching the other members of our community, noticing the success they were having, and asked himself if he was really dialed in on what we were teaching him. The doubt was holding him back.

We call that ‘head trash’. It’s real. And it gets to you.

We talk about this a lot in our program. We talk about some of the stories that we tell ourselves, and how we actually believe these stories. That fear and the head trash builds up inside you to the point where you’re just not getting out there taking action.

But Jason pulled his mindset together because he realized he had to add some belief to his hustle if he ever wanted to get out of his 9 to 5.

That’s when he went back to our course material a second time and came up with a different way of approaching his marketing. He says he turned this into a 7 day grind.

On Friday nights he and his little brother would go out and do some marketing. Then they’d wake back up early in the morning on Saturday and put some more work in before the roads get busy. He said he did this as a habit for about 3 or 4 months straight.

And in less than 60 days of joining Trailer Cash Academy he got his first deal.

The seller was a guy who wanted to sell the home quickly after his father passed away so that he could pay for the funeral. So Jason was able to step in there and help them out. He went in there to serve and provide value.

He closed the deal within 5 days and profited $3000. After that Jason was a believer in, not only himself, but also in the Trailer Cash Academy blueprint.

So we’re excited to share Jason’s journey with you. Jason has been such a pillar member of our community, sharing lessons and tips that he learned through the process.

In this blog you’re going to find out what gave Jason the confidence to quit his job, how he became a TCA coach, and also some great advice from the coach himself during our Q&A.

What Jason learned about himself through this

“What I’ve learned about myself is that my motor is unstoppable.

My biggest milestone I would say is not feeling like it’s been a change for me since I left my job. It still feels like we’re living the same lifestyle. For me that’s what it was all about.

And on my own time, being free from the 9 to 5. Being able to wake up and make breakfast for my kids and start my day however I scheduled my day.

So for me, that’s total freedom and that’s the start to building wealth. And that’s what I’m all about now.”

That’s what we’re talking about – creating freedom. You know, the money is great, but you can make money and you can lose money. What you can’t replace is that time. That time is what you can’t get back. So that’s what Jason is out here fighting for. That’s his ‘Why’.

When you have that ‘Why’ in front of you, when you keep that screenshot of your ‘Why’ on your phone close by, that’s what’s going to get you through the obstacles that come along the way.

What gave him the confidence to quit his job?

Jason decided to take that leap of faith and leave his 9 to 5 really early in his journey. And he was only maybe 3 months into the business.

We wanted to know what gave him the confidence to believe in himself and make the jump.

“I got my first deal at the end of December and then in January things started to blow up. I was able to make a significant amount of money in January and close 3 or 4 deals.

That was all the reason that I needed to take off from my 9 to 5. I just made the decision, it was a leap of faith.

A lot of people questioned it around me, but I try not to listen to that outside noise.”

Truth be told we noticed Jason in our group as he was updating us on his progress. We saw him shining and saw the posts he was making in the group. We always pay attention to see who’s actually engaged and putting in the work.

Jason was putting in so much work and doing so well that we said, ‘Hey, as soon as we come across an opportunity we’re going to partner with Jason.’ And when we finally came across the right opportunity we made it happen.

How Jason became a Trailer Cash Academy Coach

After some time we reached out to Jason about becoming a coach in our community. With all the value that he was presenting in the group, and the work he was doing in the field, we were like ‘He truly cares, not just about his own goals, his own vision, but he actually wants to see other people prevail as well.’

”I like helping people. I know how hard that journey is starting off. If I could help someone start theirs as quick or quicker than I started mine, I want to be there to provide them with some kind of, you know, motivation or inspiration.”

There’s a lot of opportunity to be had in this family. After we had that mastermind session last weekend I talked to a few accelerator students and it’s just amazing what they’re out there doing. They’re taking this information we are giving them and they’re running with it.

We’ve definitely got some beasts as coaches. I’m probably on the lower part of that ladder. We’ve got some really, really, good coaches. You guys did a nice selection of picking your team.

You need to be a part of it, like I said, if you’re on the fences, you have no way to go, but up.”

Honestly we have been blown away with all our coaches as well. They’ve all really stepped up at mastermind sessions that we have. In our most recent mastermind session their presentations were so good that they made ours look bad.

”I’ll be honest with you. It was amazing. Not only did I coach, I was also there as a student and I learned other things from other people as well.

So, you know, that’s the great thing about it, man. We all don’t know everything. So you can use other people’s experiences and tactics and how they do things. It’s been really good overall.”

We were on that mastermind just feeling like students as well. It was really cool to see everybody interact.

Even when we got down to the point where we were asking people their takeaways and what not, people’s hands were literally hurting because they were taking so many notes.

We got great feedback and it gave the coaches, like Jason, a chance to shine and show their expertise.

Jason is like 12 deals in at this point and he says he never envisioned he’d be actually coaching and helping other people get to where he is at right now.

”I didn’t. I was talking to Brandon the other day. I was like, ‘Would you have thought we’d be coaches and done a mastermind already by now?’

That’s ridiculous. That’s crazy. Never thought of that ever. My mindset wasn’t what it is right now. I didn’t come in as an accelerator student. And in my mind I knew they had more access to different people than I did.

So my mind was like let’s go because I wanted to let everybody know and see how I grind. I’ve always been a strong minded person but man I didn’t know it was gonna take off like it did. I just kept going man, kept going and I got noticed.

What’s the best advice Coach Jason has for
anyone starting right now?

”Get that head trash out. Don’t let that come in and seep into your system. Go take action. Get out there and start working. You know?

That’s the biggest thing. Don’t get caught up in the analysis paralysis mindset without starting. Just go start. No one is perfect. You just gotta get going on a journey. And if you’re on the fence about coming into this family, just come into it.

We’ve had a lot of success with people in this group. It’s been an awesome experience. Samera, you and Jay, I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me. I really appreciate it, man. I look up to you.”

We returned our thanks to Jason for trusting us and trusting our process, and being a servant leader in our community.

And we love that piece of advice he gave.

It’s like, the head trash is going to be there. And we say this all the time, there is no such thing as having no fear. We still have certain fears that we deal with at this level. But we have to take Imperfect Action and move with that fear anyway. And just recognize that the fear is there.

It’s okay.

It’s kind of like a storm cloud passing by us. That’s how we have to look at it. We’re not going to say ‘I am fearful.’ We’re just going to say, ‘I’m experiencing a little bit of fear. This is my challenge, and this is what I’m going to do about it.’

As opposed to becoming the fear, identifying with that word fear and letting it stunt our growth.

Best questions from the Q&A session

Question #1 Did you need to put any money down on that first deal?

”No. That’s the beauty of it. If you’re on the fence about joining Trailer Cash Academy, don’t be. The program works. You don’t need any money to start.

I only put in money when I bought a home and that was probably after 6 months of joining the course. Other than that, it was just, you know, following the course.”

Even if you’re finding a home for $50,000 you can still market it. If the market value for that home is around $60,000 or $65,000 there’s going to be some meat on the bones there. If there’s meat on the bones, we can still bring value to that client. We can still serve them and we can get paid without using our money.

Question #2 What does a day in the life look like for a full time mobile home investor?

“It’s busy, man.

Because when you’re dialed in you’re always thinking about what you can do better. So when I wake up and everybody’s still asleep, I’m on my phone looking for deals.

Then when I’m 10 toes flat on the ground, I come downstairs and open up my computer looking through emails from other forms of marketing or other kinds of relationships I have made with investors or whatnot. To see if they send me any leads or anything.

It’s always on my mind. It’s just always going. And it’s on my time. Like if I want to stop at a certain point, I can stop. But I just keep going.”

Since going full-time into mobile home investing Jason says the biggest challenge he’s faced is dealing with the paperwork and time management.

”It’s time. I’m gonna be honest, it’s time.

And every deal requires paperwork so the paperwork part can take a good part of your day. When you’re in a big city, traveling, it takes your time.

That’s what I would say is the biggest part. The paperwork side is big. I really don’t like doing it. That’s something I’m looking into outsourcing.”

Remember guys, one of the keys to being a good business owner is whatever you don’t like to do, that’s what you have to get rid of first. You can make a list of what you don’t like to do and get those off your plate. We say delegate it or eliminate it.

Question #3 What would you consider is the easiest deal for a newcomer?

”It depends. If you can come across a really cheap mobile home that you can afford, if you can sell it at a higher price, then that’s considered easy. Or wholesaling. I would say wholesaling is the easiest.”

We would recommend wholesaling for any newbie starting out. We’re all about building that revenue as fast as possible.

We love our cashflow deals. We love fix and flip opportunities, but in the beginning, when you’re starting out on your journey, it’s all about building up your revenue in your business as soon as possible. So that you can utilize the business funds versus utilizing your own hard earned money.

Question #4 When you were working your 9 to 5, how many hours were you dedicating to your mobile home investing business?

”I would say probably 20 hours a week.I would go all day on the weekends and when I got off work, I did it for about 3 or 4 hours.”

Question #5 Have you ever thought about buying or leasing some land to use for mobile homes that must be moved?

”I have thought about that. Land is so expensive around here right now. So, I’m trying to. I’ve got an opportunity within the TCA family to buy some land. That’s the route I’m going as far as acquiring some land.

I wish I could, because I see a lot of guys who were able to grab mobile homes around here and take them to the land, fix them up and then take them or sell them or whatever they do with them and that’s a big advantage to them.

So yes, to answer your question, I’ve thought about it.”

Question #6 How do we go to the park managers and ask if they have any abandoned mobile homes?

“Firstly, you want to build that rapport with the park managers before you go straight into asking them what they can do for you.

You make your pitch, and you tell him what kind of value you can bring for them. And then you just keep following up with them and checking on them without asking him for something. That’s kinda what I do.

And then when the time is right you can ask that question. Once you’ve built that rapport.”

Building a rapport with the park manager allows you to find out where you can bring the most value to that park manager and really figure out what their day to day challenges are.

And then in addition to bringing that value, you can always ask them if they have any abandoned homes. Or any abandoned lots. Maybe they need homes to fill those vacancies.

Remember it’s about them and not about you. If you keep it on you and what you want, most of the time that turns people off. And they won’t be interested in working with someone like that.

Question #7 How do you handle mobile homes that must be moved when the seller wants it gone as soon as possible upon purchase?

“You just have to explain to them that that’s impossible, first of all. And then you let them know why that’s impossible.

I mean, movers that I’ve dealt with have their own processes. Then you have to get on their schedule. That could take one or two weeks. These movers are really busy.

So you just kinda got to break that all down for the seller and let them know that that’s kinda how the situation is.”

Make sure to have a mover or list of movers within your network. And just be transparent with them, letting them know that you have a clear idea of how much time it’s going to take, and you know how much it’s going to cost. Then work out an arrangement that makes sense for them.

Mobile homes that need to be moved are some of our best deals.

The sellers are motivated and they’re like, ‘Get this thing off my property.’ Most of the time they’re not really caring about how much they make. A lot of times they have a purpose for the land and a reason why they want it gone.

And so at the end of the day, this is a huge opportunity for us because we know the value of the home. And they’re just seeing the value of you moving it or getting someone to move it off the property.

Question #8 What would you say is the average amount that you spend in marketing per month?

“Not much. I don’t spend a whole lot. I would say maybe 50 bucks? And that’s stretching it for me.

It just depends on how much you’re out there marketing. But my main form of marketing, it doesn’t require it.

A lot of the marketing can be done online as well.“

It’s all about how you use your time and the knowledge that you have. It doesn’t cost a lot to get out there and make this happen compared to traditional real estate.

You can spend a lot of money in marketing to scale up your business. But getting started doing multiple deals per month, if you have the right knowledge, you can get it done for pretty cheap.

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