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This Photographer Closed Her First Mobile Home Deal After Joining Our Investing Community

Hey guys, this is Samera. I want to introduce you to one of our students, Holley. She is a photographer in Phoenix, Arizona who got interested in mobile home investing as an extra stream of income. She saw me and Jay talking about how it’s done on YouTube and thought it was kind of cool.

She had done some marketing for a homeless shelter once and that’s when she got really exposed to the needs of low-income families.

She saw that mobile home investing was a way of helping out those families, and that it can be a win-win situation because she gets that extra stream of income as well.

Holley says she had to overcome some fears in order to hit her stride and get motivated. As women in the mobile home business we can get nervous about the thought of interacting with people in these communities, and buyers or sellers who are unknown to us.

But Holley realized most of her fears were just created by her mind after she had conversations with people and sat down with park managers and stuff. That’s what allowed her to gradually get her own rhythm and start putting herself out there.

So in this blog we’re going to talk about Holley’s first deal and learn about what her journey into mobile home investing has been like so far.

Holley got a mobile home for free, basically

”He gave me a call and told me that his mother had passed away and that he no longer needed his mobile home. So driving through the mobile home park, I was like, ‘Okay, this is a good one.’ And walking through the mobile home, I thought it was in pretty decent shape.

I was thinking this is a mobile home that I could either really make beautiful, like the other ones around it, or I can do the bare minimum and just give it to someone to make their own, ’cause it wasn’t in too bad of shape. He had cleaned it up.

And anyhow, I go and talk to the park manager to let her know my intentions of buying the mobile home and just try to build a relationship right off the bat with the park manager.

But then I found out that there was one thing that the resident hadn’t told me. The resident didn’t tell me that he was behind on his part of the Lot Rent.

And so I called the person and I just let him know, ‘Hey, like I want to help you. I know you’re being evicted. I don’t want you to lose your mobile home. How about I help you with the fees?’

He says, ’Holley I’m so sorry. The taxes are all paid up, but I just kind of let the mobile homes sit there after my mom passed. If you pay for the fees you can just have the mobile home.’

The fees were $775. So I basically purchased the mobile home for $775 by paying up his Lot Rent. And he was just so happy. He was just relieved. And so it was nice to help him out.”

Holley basically got a free mobile home, it was just the Lot Rent that she had to pay. But nonetheless, she was really helping the seller out because if he had a judgment on his credit that would have caused a whole lot more stress. Plus he had just lost his mother. So the seller was going through a whole lot of things.

I asked Holley to tell us what she did with the home next and how she got connected with the buyer.

”This is also pretty interesting. So at first I thought we’re going to redo the bathroom floor and we’re gonna remove the light fixture.

Next I started to show the mobile home to different buyers, but everyone was looking for a different type of mobile home. They wanted something very polished and ready to move in. And this one needed a little bit of TLC, a little bit of an update.

So after having the mobile home for close to 2 months I started thinking, ‘There has to be another way of selling this mobile home to the right person.’

And so instead of doing it one way of just trying to find a family to go into the home, I went back to the Trailer Cash Academy private Facebook group. I actually posted in there, ‘Is there anything that I’m missing? Is there any way that could help me?’

And I actually got a lot of feedback and information which landed me a buyer in 1 hour. And the process of selling the mobile home was just so easy.

So it was a really good experience. And it just reminded me of how much resources I have. Sometimes I can just get so focused on one method and actually there’s more ways that you can do things.”

Holley succeeded when she reached out to our
community for support

I love how Holley came to the realization that, ‘Hey, there’s people out there that can help me. I can really use my resources.’

And just like that when she did the right thing, when she engaged with our community, she was able to sell the property super quickly. She ended up selling it for $5,000 and made a profit of $4,000.

I’m so happy that the community was there to help and have her back as she closed out her first deal. The help is there guys you just need to engage and ask questions. The biggest lesson Holley learned in this process was that she had the resources and she should use them.

Before I got off the call I asked Holley to give us an indication on where her head is at and what she wants to do next.

“Especially with the current state of affairs I know there are families out there who are in need. And I think, again, that’s my driver.

I think it’s time for me to re-enter the community. And to reach back out to park managers and start helping these families that have been hit with unfortunate circumstances.”

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