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Here’s What’s New In Our Mobile Home Investor Coaching Programs For 2021

In December 2020 we began rolling out some major changes to how we do things at Trailer Cash Academy. We made these changes based on survey results and general feedback we’ve gotten from our community members. We’re all about enhancing our students’ experience so we knew we had to act on the data we’ve gathered.

But what really triggered us to start making changes at the time was because our first born baby girl was due the following month, January 2021. So it was an exciting new chapter with new responsibilities for us and we knew we had to make those changes soon.

The way we run Trailer Cash Academy was going to look different as we went into maintenance mode for a little while. So in this blog we wanted everyone to get an idea of what those changes were going to look like and the new offerings we will have in 2021.

How the Accelerator Program is changing

The Trailer Cash Academy Accelerator Program is going to be more of a hands-on type of training moving forward.

So what we did was we changed the format of a lot of our coaching sessions and how we interact with students. The main thing here is we want you guys to engage. We want you to get over some of those confidence hurdles. And we want you to connect with your other peers.

And the way we can do that is by training you guys in these coaching sessions.

The Accelerator Program is going to be a more involved service from our end. There will be more hand-holding because the learning does nothing unless you get out there and apply it. So our coaching sessions will include things like:

  • Roleplaying scenarios between buyers, sellers, park managers and so on
  • Understanding contracts as well as the terminology and language that goes with this business
  • Time tracking and accountability by getting more involved with your personal calendar
  • Business advice so you can set yourself up for long-term wealth generation
  • More Done-For-You workshops and intensive trainings
  • A new female coach to our team – Charity
  • FREE motivated seller leads to make it easier for you to take action
  • And much more…

The main thing here is we want to see actual work coming from you guys. We need to see your faces and we need to hear your voice explaining to us what your progress has been.

We want to shift a lot of our students away from the habit of consuming our content as Infotainment.

Learning is helpful but what’s more helpful is actually doing the work after attending hands-on coaching sessions where we help you create actionable steps under the guidance of our coaches. Steps that you are also ultimately held accountable for.

Because by working so closely with us what you’re basically saying is that you’re committed to moving the needle on your business. And so we want to hold you to that commitment. We want to see the type of 1% incremental change every few days that equates to a 100% more growth in a year’s time.

With the FREE motivated seller leads that we provide there is no reason at this point to not take action. All you have to do is chase them down, connect with people and make it happen.

We get a ton of leads just from the marketing that we’ve done since we started our mobile home investing business. And now we get leads from all over the country – about 10 or 20 leads every month. We’ve just been throwing these leads in the trash.

So we’re like, ‘Hey. Let’s give them to our students to create more opportunities.’ And the cool thing is we don’t want to take any cuts.

The NEW ’Scale Your Sales’ one-day workshop

Trailer Cash Academy has created so many successful mobile home investors. The program has created many students who have used the knowledge and resources we provide to close around 10 deals or more as a solo entrepreneur.

But then they get to this point where they’re stuck and they cannot scale their revenue generating activities. The question in their minds becomes ‘How do I really scale this? How do I create the freedom so that I don’t have to do all the work myself?’

We don’t want you to be in that solo entrepreneur space for long. We want to make sure that you know how to have more capacity.

What more capacity means is that we want you to do more. And to do more you need to become more. We want you to be able to learn more. We want you to be able to experience more. But you cannot do that being a solo entrepreneur.

So we talked it over and decided that what’s really going to help those students is if we were to open up our business and show them how we scaled up to consistently do 6 figures year over a year.

We’re going to run a frequent one day workshop, starting December 22nd 2020, called Scale Your Sales. We’re going to go through a ton of advanced stuff like:

  • Advanced marketing strategies to fill your pipeline like the big players in this space
  • How to hire people and delegate work to buy back your time
  • The systems you will need to stay organised as you scale your team as you do multiple deals a month, across multiple states
  • The right way to track and report your finances so that you minimise taxes and unnecessary fees
  • Building a brand and establishing a social media presence for your business
  • The tools we use to track and scale our business
  • And more…

So to begin with we handed out 13 scholarships to some of the best students in our program for this advanced workshop.

We’re super excited for this and what’s to come in 2021 guys!

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