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Mobile Home Investing Student Finds Success With A Go Giver’s Mindset

Deandre, out of Maryland, has been doing some really amazing things lately. With two deals done so far he’s made over $9700 in profits.

What’s really got us interested in Deandre is his heart and mindset. He shows up to our coaching calls, he asks questions and he gives it his all. And it took him some time to work through whatever he needed to work through in order to start finding success in this business.

So that’s what we wanted to highlight today. Deandre embodies the principles of a Go Giver. We wanted to share Deandre’s journey with you all, especially the drive and determination he has, and we hope that it will inspire some of you as well.

Overcoming pessimism and other challenges

Deandre didn’t come out of the gate just finding leads and closing leads. He says he found it challenging at first. He found it challenging to connect with people, network, and just overcome his own pessimistic mindset.

”Me personally I would say I’m very pessimistic about things. Like sometimes I do see the worst or the bad in things. So I had to overcome that part of myself and stop viewing things as ‘bad’.

But what I will say is even with me being pessimistic, I still walk in faith.

So even with my mind telling me ‘Oh, that’s not going to work’ or ‘Oh, that’s not going to go through’ I still woke up every day, hit the journey and still got it done.

And I try to ignore the head trash as much as possible. I tell myself ‘It’s going to work out, don’t worry about it. That shadow person in the back doesn’t know what he’s talking about. We’re going to get it done.’

And honestly I really do believe that’s what got me through. Just pushing him to the back like ‘Okay. I understand there’s a possibility that might happen. But we’re going to still keep going.”

That’s huge. Pessimism is real guys. It might not even be your own pessimism really. It might be the voice of a parent, or a mentor or some sort of authority figure in your life, or even a friend.

The influence of that voice gets so strong that you adopt that voice as part of your own subconscious. And now it follows you wherever you go, and whatever you do.

Sometimes, depending on where you live or where you grow up, the things around you might not be so conducive to an optimistic mindset. But the fact is you’re not the only one. And people have changed their mindset in order to change their lives successfully. So it can be done and it must be done.

Deandre told us about this mantra that he repeats to himself every single day – you don’t eat the fruit the same day that you plant the seed.

”So I heard it and I do practice it every single day. ‘You don’t eat the fruit the same day as you plant the seed.’

You don’t. And I really strongly believe that. Just because the deals that I got came from seeds that were planted a while ago, and I didn’t even know that it was going to come back up. And I’m like ‘Oh wow, that mantra really is true.’

You’ll plant a seed months earlier but think nothing is going to come from it. And then months down the line it produces a whole fruit like ‘There you go.’”

That’s what it is guys. Keep planting those seeds and pretty soon you’ll be in harvest season.

Beyond overcoming pessimism, Deandre also has the challenge of managing his full time job while investing in mobile homes. But he’s so dedicated that he shows up to our coaching calls while sneaking a bit off time away from work.

”Honestly I have to strategically plan everything. Because with my job, it’s a really time oriented job. It’s a 9 to 5 and I work in finance. So I can’t be distracted with other things.

So what I like to do is I get up earlier than when I need to leave. I get some time in, maybe 1 or 2 hours. I’ll get it in, go to work and do what I need to do, then take a break and jump into the mobile home mindset and everything.

Once I clock out around 5 I try to jump back into it before I have to get into family mode and all that.

So that’s what my schedule usually looks like. And then if I need time off I have to request time off. So I have to make sure that my seller or buyer lets me know some days in advance if we want to meet on a weekday. So that’s how I’m working it right now.”

A lot of people start off having that same challenge of maneuvering in this business while keeping up with their 9 to 5 and family duties. And that’s usually a time management and prioritization issue.

Deandre here is taking advantage of his time at work, even his breaks and his lunches, as well as when he gets off work. So he’s prioritizing his business and knows exactly what he’s supposed to be spending his energy on at all times. He’s going into his week with a plan.

But even with that Deandre still considers himself a procrastinator.

”And what I would say is with me being somewhat of a procrastinator, having the KPIs to hold myself accountable definitely works. It works a lot.

Because you see what you’re doing. If you’re doing the work or not. And like I said I’m somewhat of a pessimist so I try not to look at my numbers and be like ‘Oh I didn’t hit the numbers’ and everything.

I just tell myself ‘Go harder next week, it’s fine’ or ‘Let’s see if I can scrape up the numbers before the week is over.’ Something like that.

You’ve just got to hold yourself accountable and work harder to make the connections. What I have figured out is if you remove yourself from the investor mindset you can get into the mindset of being the connector or the bridge.

I realized that’s what I’m mostly doing. I have to just connect people so that I can get them to where they need to be, or to get them doing what I need them to do.”

At this point we had to drop a book recommendation for Deandre. We always talk about this book. It’s called The Go Giver.

It really taught us about being the individual that connects people to other people, and the individual that connects people to information. And you can live an abundant life just by doing that.

Deandre mentioned KPIs. For anybody that doesn’t know, KPIs are Key Performance Indicators. So those are just the metrics or stats that we keep a track of that give us some sort of indication of our weekly or daily success rate.

When we keep a track of leading and lagging numbers we can make moves based on data. As opposed to making decisions based on emotions.

It’s usually simple metrics like number of follow up calls you made in a week, or the number of hours you spent driving for dollars this week and so on. You decide sensible metrics and keep a track of them.

Then if you’re feeling unsuccessful you just take a look at those metrics and decide what KPIs you want to improve.

”It helps you stick and go harder. Because you have set that bar for yourself. So if you don’t hit it then you’re only letting down yourself.

Nobody else knows your numbers. Nobody else is going to see your numbers. The only person that you’re going to let down is yourself. So you can’t feel like you’re a loser or you’re not making headway because the only person that knows is yourself.”

Deandre embodies the Go Giver philosophy

We asked Deandre to go over the two deals he’s closed recently and how he was able to get those done. There were two, the second deal was a bigger profit than the first.

”Okay. So the big one. This is a seed that I planted that I didn’t even know that I planted.

I talked to one lady about a whole ‘nother home. It ended up not working out. I called her, she ghosted me, whatever. But then a month later a lady called me because I was recommended by the lady that ghosted me.

She said ‘I have a double-wide that needs to be moved. I’m getting a traditional home built in this place.’ And I was like, okay.

So I went out and inspected it. It was really nice. Just a little bit outdated on the inside, but outside it was really nice. We worked out a deal where I would give her $1500 for the home.

Once we locked it in everything was good, but there were just so many steps to actually close it out. As in like permits, licenses, removing it from the actual Lot itself, figuring out if it was real property or personal property, and everything else.

So I spent probably 3 weeks just going back and forth with that. And plus she had a lawyer that needed different legal things on her end.

Once we cleared that we actually settled on a day where I was going to close out on the title itself. But I had the genius idea of instead of actually closing out I would host a showing on the same day, just so I can lock in the buyer.

So the same day that we were actually supposed to close, I had a showing and locked up a buyer that came from a previous home.

We locked it in for $10,000. We weren’t able to close that same day because the MVA wanted something else, like one small bit of paperwork. And then we locked it in 2 days later on a Tuesday.”

So in Deandre’s second deal he encountered a scenario that he had never dealt with before. And that’s where he showed heart and persistence. We asked him how he maneuvered through all of those challenges to the point where he closed the deal.

”Asking every question that I didn’t know, honestly.

Like if I couldn’t reach out to anyone in the Trailer Cash Academy group that could help me, I’d literally just call the city and ask people.

I’d connect to this person, to that person, reconnect, hang up, call the DMV and see if they could help me call the courthouse or the sheriff…you know calling anybody that can answer a question that I had.

Because you don’t know what you don’t know. But somebody out there will know. The more questions you ask the better because somebody is going to answer something.

You might ask the question and then find out something else. Like with the permit of demolition.

I didn’t know that you would need a permit to remove the actual home. I thought that you could just apply for the permits and just move it.

But the city actually wanted a demolition permit. Which I found out through the Sheriff’s office. And I didn’t even ask that question. He just told me that. So I was like ‘Oh. Good news.’”

So on Deandre’s first deal which was smaller he made about $200 and then on this larger deal he made $9500 in profits.

We always like to remind our students, don’t feel bad about yourself for only making $200, $300 or $400 on your first deal. It’s all about getting that first one done. By closing that deal you made money, you didn’t lose money. And that builds momentum. It validates your efforts. It makes you more optimistic and less pessimistic.

”It relieved a lot of stress, even though it was a lower amount. I did feel like it’s possible.

Because it took me 3 months before that first deal came on my plate. It was a park manager that reached out to me. He had a home that needed to be moved off the Lot because another home was getting placed. He had a very short time frame. Within 1 to 2 weeks he needed it moved.

So I just knew I personally wouldn’t be able to move it because of the timeframe. And then there’s the money that would be involved with it because it was like a very mold infested house and everything. So I was just like, ‘Okay, what can I do? Make some connections to get it done.’

So I made some connections with local investors and everything. One of the investors was really serious about it. I said ‘Okay, this is what we’re going to do. This is the timeframe that we have.’ I locked them in the contract. I connected the people, got the address for the title and everything and there it was.”

That’s basically what the book The Go Giver talks about. Deandre did everything a Go Giver does.

Deandre has heart and he’s going to make it. He’s there to serve. You can tell because at the end of the day he was thinking about how to get connected with somebody else who can help the park manager out.

And then with that mindset you never know because the people you help can come back with another opportunity. This goes back to Deandre’s mantra about planting those seeds. You’re planting seeds by just doing the right thing and staying committed to see it through.

Feedback on our Accelerator Program

So before we got off the call with Deandre we wanted to get his feedback on his experience with Trailer Cash Academy so far, and specifically with our Accelerator Program that he enrolled in.

”Amazing, amazing. The help has been out of this world. The community has been out of this world. Y’all two have been out of this world.

Even from before I joined the program and everything, I felt the connection through the YouTube channel. I knew that this was the program and the family that I wanted to join from the moment that I watched the YouTube content. But once I got in it was a whole ‘nother level.

I didn’t think that it was going to be so much of a tight knit community that welcomes everyone and is like ‘Hey, you need help. Oh, I got you. Don’t worry about it. Oh, I have somebody else that can help you. There’s somebody else in your state that can help you, let me connect you.’

I have never been in any program, any network, that has been so welcoming with knowledge, love and everything. It’s just, everything that you will ever need is with this family.”

Thank you Deandre. We love to hear that. When we were starting out we were wishing we had a network for mobile home investing, with a community feeling. Because with traditional real estate you can go to different cities and find a different real estate investors association. And that was your community. It’s welcoming and you feel that bond.

So we just wanted to create the same experience for our students and our mobile home investor niche.

We’re really looking forward to being with Deandre every step of the way on his mobile home investing journey. We want to take him from the Acceleration phase of his journey all the way to Ascension.

He says he’s definitely going to make this his career and not just a side gig. He also sees the real need for affordable housing out there. And that’s not going to change any time soon.

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