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What Are The Challenges And Fears Of New Students That Join Our Mobile Home Investing Course?

In this blog we’re going to introduce you to Tasha, who is the Enrollment Director at Trailer Cash Academy, as well as one of our rockstar students.

Not only has she been helping other students get started, she’s also been taking a piece of the pie and getting some mobile home deals under her belt too. Tasha has closed well over 35 deals in less than a year, and she partners up with other students a lot, like Jasmine and John who we’ve interviewed before.

As the Enrollment Director, Tasha has gone through hundreds and hundreds of applications from new students in the program. She’s talked to so many students and heard it all – their fears, challenges, obstacles and their big reasons for wanting to get into mobile home investing.

So we wanted to share her thoughts and advice with you guys so that you might feel inspired and have some of your concerns about mobile home investing addressed.

Common fears about jumping in and getting started

Tasha comes across a lot of people who are on the fence about enrolling in our program and getting started with mobile home investing. We asked her to tell us a little bit about the common fears that she hears about, and even describe her own fears about jumping into this business.

”So there’s a couple to narrow it down.

One of the fears I would say is just knowing if it’s doable in your area. Because we don’t have the full understanding. And we don’t really notice how many mobile homes are around. So we just say, ‘Is it doable in my area?’

And then I think a lot of us have gone through a course or have tried to take steps, tried to do something similar, and it just didn’t work out. We maybe got burned or got connected with the wrong people and we’re a little skeptical like ‘Is this one of those again?’”

We’ve been there ourselves. Some of you may already know, our first mentors scammed us out of $30,000. So we had a lot of that head trash too, because we had tried things and it just didn’t work out.

How we dealt with it is by ‘learning our way out of it’. By not quitting, and by putting ourselves in the right position to obtain more and more information to get to that promised land.

”If we stayed in that place, in that dark space, like everything and everyone’s out to get us, we would’ve never found this opportunity.

So whether it be this opportunity or others, you have to figure out what the mistake was, and then get over it and keep looking. You can’t just stay stagnant, period.”

We’re also dealing with the whole Corona Virus issue and a lot of jobs have shut down. When Tasha actually started with us she was working a full time job, but then she got laid off.

She has some advice for anyone that’s feeling unsure and uncertain about getting into this because they lost their job too and are low on funds.

”You’ve got to take that leap. You’ve got to take that leap of faith. We’ve all kind of been there.

And another thing too, timing is never going to add up. You can wait for that perfect time where you have the money in your account and everything, but then something else happens.

So you’ve got to just take that leap of faith and just give it your all. That’s with anything. That’s all you can do.”

When you’re afraid, remember your ‘Why’

We say this a lot to our students. We tell them ‘Lead with your Why’.

With anything in life there’s going to be obstacles coming up. There’s going to be fears each step of the way. But knowing and reminding yourself that you have a reason ‘Why’ you’re getting into this is what will keep you pushing forward.

We asked Tasha to tell us about her ‘Why’.

”Why not! Haha. No, it’s a couple of things.

I’m a horrible employee. I hated that 9 to 5, that routine. I hated my son seeing me like, ‘We gotta go, come on! You got to get to the bus! You got to do that!’

I didn’t like that. So just my freedom and my flexibility, that was my ‘Why’, my drive. I’ve got to make this work.

If not this, then something else, but I’ve got to keep on trucking. Why not?

Worst case, I’m back at my job. So why not?”

And that’s the biggest core reason that we find with so many people. It’s the freedom of your time and control of your time. Because that’s the most limited resource we have. You can have all the money in the world, but if you don’t have that time to do what you want to do with your time, it really doesn’t matter.

”So once you taste it and you like that freedom and that flexibility, that ‘Why’ pushes you even more.

My days are so long. I’m trying to figure out things to do because I just have so much time, so much energy. You’d be amazed how much energy you have when you have your time.

So that influences my ‘Why.’”

New students will face mindset challenges

Once we actually make the commitment there’s a whole ‘nother set of challenges that come with that.

For us, when we started we had just got scammed out of all this money in this real estate deal. Then we had a huge opportunity with a burnout fix and flip that we were working on. But that first 30 to 60 days we didn’t see any traction at all. It took us 3 months to close our first deal.

So we were dealing with a lot of head trash. Stories we were telling ourselves like ‘Ah, this doesn’t work. I don’t have a lot of time.’ and so on.

We asked Tasha to give us her thoughts on how students can overcome those challenges in the early part of their journey.

”So I think one thing that really helped us out is we had you guys. You guys didn’t have YOU to help you.

So when you have a couple that have done it and they’ve laid a pretty solid path, as far as being able to get things done, that wasn’t a challenge.

I think it’s being an entrepreneur. Taking a leap and starting your own business is new. And a lot of people are scared of it. So when you tell your friends and your family, and you’re excited, but they don’t have that same confidence to take that leap, they’re going to down talk it.

When you have your friends in your closest circle kinda discouraging what you were so passionate about, that head trash gets it into your head. You’re like, ‘Can I really do this? They made a good point, I don’t know.’

And when your family doesn’t give you support, that can really get into your head.

But then when we closed that first deal in 3 weeks, we got past all that. That’s one thing that happened with us and a lot of people are going to see that too.

Another thing that can happen for a student is maybe you see everyone else just closing deals, and you think ‘How come I’m not getting that same success?’ And I think that just comes down to you. You can’t just sit back. You’re given this opportunity and you’ve got to run with it.

There’s some students I’ve seen who enroll one day and the next day they’re like, ‘Hey, I’m doing this or I’m doing that.’ Or I see it on their Facebook. And I’m like ‘Wow you enrolled two hours ago!’

You can’t stop. You can’t. It’s like a rolling train. The minute you stop and you sit back, you’re going to start thinking about crazy stuff. You’ve just gotta keep going.”

It’s interesting because we have these group calls where the students are on the call with their coaches and their peers. And we get to see everybody’s faces and hear about their successes whether it’s a small or a big win. At those times you’re not going to want to be that person that when it’s your turn to talk you’ve got no news to tell, you’re stagnant.

But on the other hand there are other students that are doing everything, they’re working so hard, they’re putting all the time and effort in but it just hasn’t clicked for them yet.

So at the end of the day you cannot compare your journey to anybody else’s. If you’re putting in the work, if you’re dedicated and committed, you just have to have faith and trust in the process. Have the patience to allow the process to work.

New students will learn about time management

A lot of students are still employed full-time working maybe 40 to 50 hours a week. All of us start off in this business with time management issues. We had to learn to become more intentional with how we spend our time in order to find that first dose of success.

Tasha had to figure out how to manage her time better too.

”So time is something that you can create because you have control over it.

I feel if I have time to be on Facebook or Instagram for 30 minutes, I can add time for some other stuff. It’s just prioritizing your time. And that’s another thing that you guys help out with, with the weekly action items and the accountability calls.

When you get on those calls and you don’t have anything to bring to the table, you start thinking about what you need to spend less time on and how you need to start prioritizing your time for better things. Spending time on taking more action.

So I think with jobs, unless you’re at that job 24 hours a day you have SOME time.”

Find a way to make time.

And like Tasha said we have accountability in the program because of that. Our coaches will call you and there’s nowhere to hide because, here’s the thing, it’s not for us. This is all for you.

You’re building your business for you and for your future and for your family’s future. For your ‘Why’.

So we want to make sure that you’re prioritizing your time and in that time you’re utilizing it for the best activities possible.

What habits do students need to find success?

The first thing is to recognize that you might be stuck in analysis paralysis. You might be thinking you need to get Ready and Set before you can Go. But the truth in life is that you need to Go first before you can figure out how to get Ready and Set.

”Action. We’re not going to know it all, period. Some half of the knowledge that you’re going to learn is going to be through experiences. But in order to get there, you’ve got to just take action.

Everything’s laid out. So you’ve just got to follow the Trailer Cash Academy blueprint.

I know that was one of the biggest things when we first got started because mobile home investing is so much different from what we’re used to hearing about real estate. It’s a whole different ball game. And at first I was trying to learn everything and watch the videos and get everything in my head.

But sometimes you gotta just take action. Just do it.”

We always say ‘Take Imperfect Action.’ Because like Tasha said you’re not going to know everything. Clarity really comes from taking Imperfect Action and not being afraid to make mistakes.

It’s just that you might be afraid to make those mistakes because you feel like you’re out there alone, and you don’t have anybody to turn to, you don’t have any peers or coaches around you.

But the advantage of joining a community like Trailer Cash Academy is that in those first 30 to 60 days you can feel confident about taking Imperfect Action because you can always ask questions in the community and engage with the network that you’re a part of to get your answers.

The first time you step into a mobile home, the first time you give your offer, it’s going to be uncomfortable. It’s going to feel weird. But this is normal. This is something new.

The more that you take action, the more that you learn, the more lessons you have that you can build on. But just watching videos and being on YouTube and reading stuff, that only gets you so far.

You’re going to learn so much more by even just getting in your car and driving to the parks and getting out there in the field and talking to people.

Outside of relying on the community for support and taking action, new students do well when they pick up positive mindset habits that will lead to success and help them overcome challenges.

We talked to Tasha about some of the mindset habits she uses to keep herself focused and successful.

“Yeah. I had to just really understand what I can control and what I can’t control. And then from that, what can I actually do that’s going to make me happy and fix that.

And then as far as head trash? Just positive talk. And sometimes it helps if you talk out loud.

‘Cause if you say some bad stuff to yourself out loud, you’re going to stop yourself. Just talking out loud you may sound a little crazy, just mumbling, but it’s so you can hear what you’re saying and stop that.

So just having those positive thoughts. And staying plugged in to a positive community.

You know I’ve been lucky that through it all I’ve been connected to you two. And you guys always have an uplifting spirit.

So, positive talk to yourself. Staying connected to the surroundings that are positive. And then just stop trying to change things that you can’t and just work on the things that you can.”

And keep in mind that one of the things that you can control is just looking at your data.

Sometimes you can’t control that emotions that come in. You might be feeling fear, doubt or disappointment.

When you are not necessarily seeing the results that you want, sometimes you just put it on you. You can start thinking that you’re a bad person, that you’re not smart, that you’re not good enough. And that’s not the case. A lot of it is just, what have you been doing with your time?

What activities have you done that are actually going to create a result? It’s all a recipe. It’s all a formula. But you have to know where your time is going. And what you’re putting out there to actually get the result back in.

We really stress the idea of keeping track of your key performance indicators. Everything that you’re doing each and every week.

You can literally look at your data and really know if you should be feeling disappointed in any type of way. And even if you do feel bad, the data can show you what metrics you need to improve on.

80% of your time should be going to revenue generating activity anyway. So by looking at those key performance indicators you’re able to say, ‘Hey, I’m looking at the data, I didn’t get out as much marketing as I should have. I didn’t talk to as many park managers as I should have. I didn’t make X amount of connections with other investors or other real estate agents.’

And just tweak the data. You can just look at the data and tweak it versus letting emotion come in and dictate how you’re going to move the rest of the week or the rest of the month.

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