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Mobile Home Investor Reminds Us That Money Is Not The Only Motivation

In this blog we speak about mindset with one our accelerator students Brandon. He’s only been in our program for a few weeks, but he’s already made $6,000 in profit in less than 30 days.

This guy is a hustler for real. He’s got the right mindset. He’s been out there putting in the work and we want to share some of the tips that he has from his journey to help inspire you guys.

Brandon didn’t have all the tools. But he still took action.

”I actually still work in business intelligence. I do a lot of database programming, analytics, things like that.

Me and my wife had always been dabbling in real estate because we wanted to leverage all of our money. So that it can make money for us.

It came down to pure numbers for me.”

Brandon’s ‘Why’

Brandon realized that when you’re buying a regular home you’d have to wait about 10 years to finally break even. But with mobile homes you could turn a profit in a couple of days.

I saw a couple of different mobile home videos. I was thinking I could do this and literally turn a profit in a few days. I’ve done that a few times already, and this literally paid for itself.

So it’s just been, it’s been a blessing. It’s been great.

Brandon started with us in mid-January. It was March at the time of our interview.

He told us his ‘Why’ has got to do with his family and his personal freedom.

“So I love what I do. It’s cool and all. But the one thing I understand is I work for a corporation. And any day. They can walk in and tap me on the shoulder and say,’ Hey man, we no longer need you.’

I’m a very hard worker, very independent, very outgoing. I don’t like the market dictating what they want to give me. That should be based on, ‘Hey, if I’m putting in the work, I should be paid accordingly.’

Also too, just for future reference for my children. I don’t want them to say, ‘Hey, there’s only one way to do things.’

You can still have a day job if that’s what you want to do. But if you want to do something else, you can do that. You can branch off and do your own thing.

Do your own business, create your own opportunities. Which is what this is: creating opportunities for yourself. And creating opportunities for others.

And the biggest thing is that my sons can look and see what I’m doing and understand.”
’Dad, didn’t ask for a handout. Dad went out and got it. He made it happen.’

And because of that, now they’re going to be able to do things and have things that I never had as a child.

Just based on that, hopefully it creates a legacy and lineage that goes far beyond me.”

That’s crazy. Because we talk about legacy, and how before we’ve even started, we already know the type of obstacles that come up.

He’s talking about kids, freedom, changing the narrative etc. The people seeing you. Doing things that are outside of the ordinary. Outside of the mold.

This is what change is all about. So, you’re sparking that change. You’re being the change. We commend Brandon for that.

Brandon’s success so far

So far Brandon has closed 2 deals. $6000 profit in under 30 days.

There was supposed to be a 3rd deal in the pipeline, but it fell through. Beyond that he’s done a lot of networking and relationship building along the way.

He’s connected with 4 park managers who are willing to work with him. They’re just waiting for him to get his license. He says that’s due in a week.

”So I know those opportunities are going to be there. Also, a couple of people that I’ve bought from, and sold to, are also looking for more homes themselves.
So, they already having me on the radar. They said, ‘If you have something let me know.’

The 3rd deal that fell through? Turns out their next-door neighbor was also selling their home.

They called me today. I actually talked to them before we got on this call. So, we’ll go over there probably tomorrow, or the next day to get that thing under contract and make a deal.

That’s leveraging those relationships.

Every time I speak to people, I give my card to everybody there. When I was at the home the other day, I was looking at it and deciding what I want to do. Every single person there got my card.

Even if you were an investor, doesn’t matter to me, we can still do business together. It’s creating relationships, work with other people.

And really just doing it honestly and ethically. I feel like if I do it honestly, and ethically it’s going to pay dividends. So that’s just really what it is.”

Brandon felt like he ‘can do’

So, the next step for Brandon is to get that dealers license.

He’s secured 2 deals already and what he’s focused on right now is networking with more people. He’s giving his card out. He’s making himself known, getting out there and serving people.

Brandon is leading with the intention of being focused on integrity and ethics, all of those things that nurture a prosperous and fair market place.

”A guy a who I did a deal with said it felt refreshing to deal with an expert.

So, it really was all the resources. Everything you guys provided made the uptime next to nothing. It was really easy to start day one with just knowing, ‘Hey, this is what a mobile home is.’

This is the bare bones and the bare facts about it. I was able to get out there and actually do something.”

Brandon found the Trailer Cash Academy resources really helpful along his journey. He said closing those deals felt very uplifting. And he found comfort in the fact that he could get access to our expertise along the way.

He would be up at 12 midnight trying to figure out what time we’d be up in our state.

“Waiting till the morning saying, ‘They’ll be up.’ Then I hit ‘em up like, ‘I got these questions.’ I’ll ask. I know you guys will respond.

But then also the one thing I do like as well with this is that there is some levity with it. There is a realness as far as ‘Hey guys, don’t put so much into this and never take some days off … take some days off now or take a break or whatever…a little sabbatical.

Take a breather, take a step back and then get back to it. It not like anything bad happened.”

By engaging with our community, asking questions, and spending about a week on our course modules Brandon felt supported enough to take his first steps into mobile home investing.

”There’s even situations I ran into. I had no clue what to do. I literally went home that night studied up on it, went out the next day and they thought that I was a genius.

So, it’s if you’re really willing to put in the time, the effort and you truly actually have a drive to actually do something I think you can go a long way.

Because a lot of the people I’ve dealt with have all had different situations, different things they were going through.

I let them know, ‘Okay. I can’t fix that personal problem. But this home, I know it was a weight on your shoulders. Let me take that way. Let me help you out and connect them with someone else.’

And then at that point it just becomes a trickle-down effect of everybody needing a little bit of something. You’re helping them out. They’re helping you out. And it’s a win-win.”

What Brandon learned from his 2 deals

Brandon understands the market thrives when we are supportive.

One of the things we emphasize is that good mobile home investors take the time to serve their clients properly.

They’re going to look at you as an expert. You’re helping them walk away with a smile. And you’re making sure your clients are taken care of.

The 2 deals Brandon closed earned him about $6000 within a 30 day window since joining Trailer Cash Academy.

“The first one was a distance from me.

But it was a guy who had a home on his property that he really needed to get rid of. So, I made that happen really quick.

This last one, it was one with the park manager. They had some other stuff going on as far as the window to the mobile home being extremely small.

But I figured where there’s a will, there’s a way out. Talking to some people I ended up bumping into someone else who made it happen with me.

People will invest in you if you invest in yourself.”

“As far as newbies, if you want to call them that, ‘cause I’m still one myself, I try to pay it forward to them too.

I understand. I was where you’re at, here’s some information. Here’s some things to help you on the way.”

“And if you need anything, let me know. And that’s pretty much what it is. There’s enough for everybody to eat, so to speak. So, there’s no need to step on anybody’s head or on anybody’s toes.

As long as people are willing, again, to be genuine about it, I’m good with it. I don’t need to be best friends, but if we can work together and be positive about it, I’m all for it.”

Hustle is the secret sauce

We tell everybody the same thing, get connected to a network. Get connected with a family of people that are out there putting other people first, getting these deals done.

We say it all the time. Do you want help? Just be engaged in the community. Don’t be afraid to make some noise.

That’s what Brandon is doing. He also mentioned that there’s more than enough to go around for everybody. It’s what? Over 1400 mobile home investors in our community? It’s March 2nd and in a little over 30 days Brandon secured his first couple of deals.

There’s more than enough guys so just go out there. Be engaged, take action, and put other people first.

“If you’re gonna jump the fence, then you’re gonna jump the fence. There isn’t really that much else to it.

Me, thankfully I have a great, like personal support with my wife and whatnot. So, she’s a hundred percent behind me, no matter what.

So that makes it easier. But if you are by yourself, the one thing you have to understand is you won’t be, once you get into the program, there’s a 1400 people here willing to help you.”

“I’ve seen single mothers, I’ve seen single fathers. I’ve seen people come from all types of backgrounds, some people with $0 are able to do crazy deals within the first 30, 60, 90 days, et cetera.

Understand you can do it. You just have to commit, and we’ll do the rest for you.
Commit to the first 90 days to get everything done. If nothing comes from it and there’s no fortune in your labor, then you know what? You can say ‘I guess what I first thought was right.’

But I believe your first thought is wrong.

Some people don’t give themselves a chance and too easily commit to the thought that this doesn’t work. That this is a scam, it’s a fraud or ‘this isn’t for me’.
Give yourself those 90 days and commit to the process. Put the work in.

Your ‘Why’ has to be very big. If it’s just about money it’s not going to push you too hard. Brandon mentioned his legacy, his family, and his wife. Think about the things that mean something to you.

Discover your true way forward.

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