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Mobile Homes Need To Be Moved. Here’s why that’s good for the investor.

On your mobile home investing journey, you’re going to run into people that own a mobile home on private land, and they need that mobile home removed because they either want to build their dream home there or they just want to do something different with the land.

I know when we first got started, we would just throw these leads away because we honestly couldn’t afford to move the mobile home. And we just didn’t see the value in them.

But now we know that there is a huge market out there where buyers need mobile homes for their land or parks and are willing to pay for the entire move themselves. A lot of the mobile homes on land that need to be moved are actually some of the easiest and most lucrative deals that we ever found.

So, in this blog we’re going to tell you about the top benefits of mobile homes that need to be moved, and what that means for you as an investor.

Benefit #1 Speed

What we found is that in our market we’re able to do these deals in less than 7 days. They’re really fast and we’re even able to do some of these deals in minutes, as long as the home is priced correctly. Since we’re wholesaling these houses, we are in and out sometimes in minutes. It’s an excellent strategy to have in your mobile home investing tool belt.

Benefit #2 No Lot Rent or repairs

No Lot Rent or no repairs guys. The owner of the home needs the home moved off their land so they’re not charging any money. And our buyer is the one that’s going to be making the repairs to the home. So, we’re not paying a thing. We’re just connecting the two.

A lot of the time if you try to do repairs it’s going to take too long and it’s going to get damaged in the move anyway. So, they’re okay with putting the home in their lot and making the repairs once it’s in place.

Benefit #3 High profits

This is awesome because a lot of these mobile homeowners just don’t know what the home’s worth. They’re not really concerned about making a profit on it. Their biggest concern is getting that home removed from the land so that they can move on to the bigger and better plans that they have for the land.

They can’t sell the home themselves. Their only choice is to pay a fee to have it removed. And this can be extremely costly. Guys you’re extremely valuable to them. Sometimes we buy homes and double, triple, or even quadruple our initial investment.

So look out for these mobile homes on land. They are great opportunities to get that quick cash.

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