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5 Benefits Of Joining A Mobile Home Investor Community Online

When we first started investing in real estate, one of the first things we decided to do was join a real estate investing association (RIA).

And honestly, it was one of the best decisions that we ever made. We got connected with people that we still partner with today.

We got tuned into a lot of information, a lot of knowledge. That’s how we even found out about mobile home investing.

The great thing about being a part of a network of like-minded people, collaborating and making those friendships is that, even past the education part we still stay in contact with a lot of the people that we met in that network.

And that’s what we’ve tried to create at Trailer Cash Academy.

We see a lot of the RIAs out there and different associations, but where is their stuff for mobile homes? That’s why we really wanted to bring all the mobile homes investors together so that we can partner together and work on deals together.

It’s been really cool seeing so many people sharing information, exchanging ideas, and partnering up on deals, whether it’s boots on the ground or funding opportunities. It’s been great to come together and have that tight knit community where other people have your back and you’re not just on this journey alone.

So in this blog post we just wanted to share with you the 5 benefits of joining and team and growing with a team instead of trying to do it all by yourself.

Reason #1 You can learn from others

You can’t underestimate the impact of having other people’s experiences to learn from.

The great thing about joining an online community is that you can ask questions whenever you need to, you can search the posts and you can just learn a lot from other people in that group that have real life experience.

Another great thing about the being part of a community is that you can actually share each other’s wins. You can share your losses in the community and that actually helps other people learn and accelerate their growth.

We’ve seen that the people that are the most engaged in the communities simply have the best results, because they’re constantly thinking about mobile home investing. They’re constantly looking for ways to bring value. And you never know when you’re going to run across your next partner or another deal just by being engaged.

Reason #2 Finding money partners

We can’t stress this enough. You do not want to start your mobile home investing journey off alone. Your only partner is going to become Google or YouTube, or maybe someone that you meet at a meeting that’s only done
maybe one or two deals.

You want to be able to lock in with individuals that are all on the same page. We all have the same blueprint. We’re all trying to help each other grow. We’re trying to take each other to the next level.

We have some students in there doing multiple deals with multiple students and members of the community.

Some people, they just don’t have enough time. And they need somebody that can get out there, look at the properties, and inspect the properties. Other people maybe need funding.

So whatever you need or whatever kind of assistance you may need, you can definitely find it when you’re in the right network.

Some people just simply need some support. Some people need inspiration. Seeing other people just getting out there doing deals, that helps them build momentum within themselves to get out there, take action and serve the community.

Reason #3 Building your network

A great thing about being a part of a network that has people all over the country is you can really figure out where the people are in your local area. What do they already know about the local market and what can you learn from them?

One of the things we always tell our new members to do is, ‘Hey, as soon as you get into our committee, go ahead and introduce yourself and let people know where you’re located. That way you can start networking with people that are around you.

Find out if there are specific laws, specific rules about titles and things like that in your state. You guys can all collaborate together. You can learn so much faster when you’re able to leverage the knowledge of people that are already in your area.’

Whenever we do a training or Q&A, we like to separate some time just have a ‘Have and Want’ session.

With so many people joining us live we say, ‘Hey, let’s talk about what we have. What do we have that can bring value to others? What do we need?’

You don’t want to come into the community and just say ‘Hey, I need this, I need that…’ while you don’t have any value to bring to others. You want an even exchange, so we all feel like we’re trying to help each other get to that next level.

Reason #4 Support from peers

Seeing other people’s posts in the community when they’re out there in the field, putting in the work, getting deals and serving, that’s naturally going to motivate you to want more and do more.

Not to mention the accountability. When you’re posting your goals, saying what you intend to do during the next 30, 60, or 90 days, you have a whole family that’s pushing you and holding you accountable to hit those goals.

It’s funny that so many of our members have created friendships. It’s like they know each other just by being engaged in the community and sharing those wins and losses.

We even do a ‘First Deal Club’, we just rolled this out, where we’re giving people big kudos, we’re congratulating them for getting that first deal done because that’s a huge milestone. So just having that support that’s with you on the journey, there’s nothing like it.

Reason #5 Continuing education

It’s great to have a foundation of information, but you always want to be learning. You want to learn it all. So you want to continue to educate yourself on what is changing, or what are the new tips and tricks that you have been missing in your business.

And as your hosts in the group, we like to do exclusive trainings where we go over all of that. We talk about different marketing strategies, how to negotiate better with the sellers and buyers, even different books that we’re reading right now. Just different things that you can implement to help build your business even faster.

We’re not the only ones sharing different tips and tricks on education. We’ve got students sharing different tools that they’re using, different systems, how they’re creating buyers lists, they’re all types of stuff in there.

So it’s amazing to see when you get a group of people together that are collaborating and sharing, what you’ll learn even if you feel like you know it all. Even us, we’re still learning a lot from sharing in the group.

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