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The Benefits Of Having Coaches In Our FREE Mobile Home Investing For Beginners Group

We had Coach Brandon and Coach Gully from Trailer Cash Academy doing a coaches takeover recently. It was a really quick session where they came together to talk about the benefits of having coaches while you’re on a mobile home investing journey.

Coach Brandon Boyd joined TCA in January of 2020. He’s done over 30 deals and counting while working a full-time job. He hosts coaching calls with our students twice a week. And his speciality is in data analysis, crunching numbers, tracking key performance indicators and things of that nature. That’s his strength and that’s what he uses to find success in this business.

Coach Jason Gully has been with TCA since October of 2019. He went full-time into mobile home investing short after and he hasn’t looked back since. So far he’s closed over 50 wholesale deals, that’s his main strategy. He says it’s rewarding to find homes for people and their families. And he enjoys running coaching calls for TCA students as well.

So here’s Coach Brandon and Coach Gully’s take on what the benefits of working with a coach are.

Tapping into their experience

When you work with coaches you’re going to be able to tap into their experience. Experience is something that is learned over time. You can’t just wake up and have it. So it’s a lot better to be able to tap into a coach or a mentor who’s already been through it, run the path and run the race that you’re trying to get into.

When you work with a coach you will have someone right there who’s already sold a few homes, dealt with various park managers, and various situations that you’re going to run across. The coach will be able to tell you, ‘Hey, here’s how you handle that. And here’s how you deal with that. Here’s what to look out for.’

Having a coach or mentor who can give that to you in minutes, as opposed to you taking years to learn those things on your own, is invaluable.

Utilizing their resources

As you get further along in this business, you’re going to want to accumulate a bunch of different resources. And to have a coach or mentor on your side that has got some established resources is really vital when you’re starting in this business.

We’re talking about resources like handymen, mobile home movers, park managers, realtors, things of that nature. Even local mobile home dealers.

As coaches we’ve utilized all these different types of resources. And as coaches we can help you as far as introducing you to those types of people until you get to the point where you can build up your own resources. So when you’re beginning in this business having access to coaches with resources gives you an extra leg up. It’s super useful.

Skill building

Learning skills is super important as well. What you do in your corporate job versus real estate investing versus mobile home investing are very different things right?

So working with a coach will give you guidance on the skills and abilities you need to be successful in this business. Coaches not only have a lot of understanding about the mobile home business but they also have a strong understanding of what it means to succeed as an entrepreneur. And that comes down to mindset and skills.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Everybody has strengths and weaknesses. When you’re working with a good coach you can talk to them about what your strengths and weaknesses are. They can give you the opportunity to kind of polish those weaknesses that you may have and utilize those strengths.

This works particularly well when you’re getting your feet wet and are looking to just assist other mobile home investors with closing their deals. A lot of the time our coaches work with students directly to help close deals. And that gives students a chance to learn the ropes, use their strengths and improve on their weaknesses.

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