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They Made $8000 On Their First Mobile Home Sale With Support From Our Accelerator Program

Angela and Joey are two of our accelerator students from Jacksonville, Florida. They’d been in our accelerator program for about 3 weeks at the time of this interview.

Both Angela and Joey don’t have a real estate background. They’ve both got very good corporate jobs. And they’ve been married now for 5 years. One of the things they think about a lot is how they are going to retire together. And they figured building some sort of real estate portfolio would be a good idea.

Angela started really looking into investing in her area back in July of that year. Even though she researched a lot about real estate investing, the whole subject seemed a little overwhelming and so she left the idea to the side for a few months.

She picked the idea back up again when one of her best friends came to visit and suggested that she look into the niche of mobile home investing. That’s when she found our YouTube channel, went down the rabbit hole of mobile homes, and eventually joined the academy.

Since joining us they’ve been absolutely crushing things. They’ve been with Trailer Cash Academy a total of 30 days now and they were able to find a mobile home for $1000 dollars and turn it into $9,000 without any repair cost whatsoever.

So in this blog we’re going to dive in the deal they made a little bit, and what it feels like to be part of the Trailer Cash Academy community, and also helping families in need.

They got a 2001 model home for $1000

Angela and Joey acquired the home for $1000, as is. It was a 2001 model mobile home with 4 bedrooms and 2 baths.

What they had in mind initially was to sell the home without doing much rehab work at all. So when they put out the first test ad for the home they quoted the highest price that they had in mind, which got them about 10 or 12 responses.

Then after Angelo and Joey did a closer inspection of the inside of the home, they had to debate whether to really invest on fixing it up. But after running the numbers Joey convinced Angela to not get so emotionally attached to this first home, make the quick sale, and move on to the next investment.

So they purchased this home for $1000 and ended up finding a buyer for $9000 with no repairs. The buyer had a piece of land where he working to get all of his permits for things like the electricity to be ran to the property. And so he was really excited to get the home because it was for his family.

“It’s not an investment for him. And that was another thing. I had a couple of people that were inquiring about the home that I knew were investors. You could tell by the talk.

And for him, it was, ‘I want this home for my family.’ and he was super excited. He was like, ‘When can I pay you?’”

Putting a smile on the buyer’s face

Its was getting to the end of the year and it must have felt so good to the buyer to have a home ready for the Christmas season.

This is a service first business guys. If you’re just in it for yourself, you’re not going to get far. If you put your heart and mind into it there’s going to be more blessings for you to come.

You might not even realize how blessed you are until you see people fighting tooth and nail just to get these houses. There’s such a need out there for affordable housing.

Some people don’t have a choice. This is like the best that they can get and when you’re able to help someone find a home it does something to you. It just does something to your spirit. And you just want to do it again and again.

“It feels great. It feels really great. Especially this season. It’s Christmas season. It’s exciting to see the look in his face that he’s acquired this home. He’s going to put it on the property. I know he’s going to be doing the work himself, so it feels really good to me to make a fair profit while someone is blessed with a new home.”

“We’ve driven through some mobile home areas recently. And again, we just look at each other and we’re just like, ’You know, we may not want to live there, but somebody needs a home here.’ and it makes you grateful for what you have and also to be able to bless somebody else.”

The power of joining a community of investors

You know what’s great about joining a community of like-minded people all focused on the same goal? We could explain this to you ourselves but it just sound so much better when it’s coming directly from our members.

“They’ve helped me a lot. I’ve thrown some things out there because at first, like I said, I wasn’t sure. Do I keep it? do I make it as a seller finance deal? Like, how am I going to qualify this person?

So every question that I asked on the page, people jumped right in and they answered the question. Samera, immediately when she found out we were from the Jacksonville-Florida area, she introduced us to Jerome who is in the program. So we were able to connect with him.

So it’s been great. And we thrive off of the stories. I’ll pull up someone else’s story. I’ll bring up Jose and Jill from the group like I know them, like I look at what Jose and Jill did.”

That’s the power of community, right? And when Angela and Joey got in touch with Jerome in Florida, they worked it out with Jerome where his company would move the home to the buyer’s property. And his fee didn’t impact their profit at all. That’s what you call keeping it in the family.

Closing advice about getting your feet wet in this business

We love the enthusiasm and emotion Angela and Joey bring to the group. They’ve hit the ground running. And we’re so excited to even see where the rest of the accelerator program takes them. Because it’s just been their first 30 days and they’re doing amazing things.

We want their story to inspire you to get out there and just do it. Don’t wait. Trust your gut. If it’s calling you, there’s a reason.

“Personally, I would say again, I love you guys’ professionalism and everything that you guys were showing on YouTube. I could tell from there that you were gonna provide me with the knowledge that I needed from this program.

If someone’s on the fence, I would tell them, just do it. By faith.

If there’s something that you want to do when you want to go to that next level, it’s not going to always feel comfortable. You have to step outside of the box. You have to take that leap of faith. So just jump”

“Take massive action. And don’t overthink it. That’s just thinking-thinking.”

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