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Adrian Proves Himself To His Mom By Flipping A Mobile Home For $3000 In 2 Days

Adrian finally feels like there’s a way out. That there’s a way to get out of the normal 9 to 5. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Because working in a structured environment allows you to practice your discipline, leadership and teamwork.

Which is good because if you do decide that you want something more out of life, you’ve got the skills that make you capable of handling more.

Adrian felt called to real estate investing. But struggled. It was when he got into mobile home investing that things turned around for him.

When we got on a call with Adrian he had just closed a wholesale deal, and he was feeling excited. What felt even better to him was being able to show his mom the proof that his ideas worked. And that he can stand on his own.

So, in this blog we’re going to introduce you to Adrian, learn a little bit about his journey, and run the numbers on his first deal.

Adrian had to prove he has the grind

Adrian got into real estate investing first because he was watching a lot of content by real estate moguls. But he quickly realized that the there’s a big difference between what they’re saying and the reality of the real estate market.

“Once you start going, you realize, well nothing is easy obviously, but it started taking a toll on me. And then of course it was saturated. A lot of the same people were doing it. I wasn’t getting the phone calls back. And it just stopped getting fun. I wasn’t excited to do it anymore.

And then, I don’t know if it was somebody else or if I just happened to click on a YouTube page, that’s when I saw y’all. And I just started learning more and more about this and got excited. Especially since y’all had such a similar journey. It just seemed like it was meant to be.”

We think it took Adrian losing excitement first to get that urge to reach out us. That’s when Adrian signed up for our accelerator program.

And it wasn’t like he immediately knocked it out the park. It took some time. But he was on the Voxer call and even mastermind calls with us, and we were able to keep him from throwing the towel in.

”Man, this takes a lot effort. You’re going to get tired. You’re going to get worn out. But I told myself I didn’t want to quit because I had already put so much time in this. I had to do something in order to prove myself.

And not to mention, I had a whole bunch of influencers in the accelerator program who were doing great, who were doing amazing. If they could do it, I could do it. I didn’t want nobody out hustling me haha!”

Adrian has grind.

For some people, they just… we wouldn’t even call it luck, but they just find their first deal in the matter of a week or 2 weeks. But Adrian had to really grind and be consistent with what he was doing just to get that first deal under his belt.

“Shout out to my mom. She’s my backup. She’s the reason I have the ambition and the will that I have today. She raised me as a single mom and she did a great job.

Oftentimes parents want to do things the traditional way. They want you to do things that they didn’t do. And usually that goes with going to college right out of school. And my mom finished school, but she did it so much later.

So she wanted me to finish school, get a good job and all that. But unfortunately a lot of people don’t realize that it’s a lot more expensive to do it that way. And I have college debts now.

Ardian enjoys the job he currently does but he’s realized that in order to get out of student loan debt quicker he needs a new passive source of income outside of his 9 to 5. His mom had doubts because she was thinking about sticking to the traditional way. And so Adrian had to get out there and prove it’s real.

“But, fortunately I was able to finally prove to her that this is real. She saw so many marketing papers with mobile homes and she’d be like, ‘When are you going to finally stop doing this. When are you gonna stop leaving this stuff around? Is it even working?’

And I was finally able to show her my profits and show her that I made it. She’s just as excited as me!”

He was surprised at the high demand

So he picked up a property for $2,000, which is amazing. And he sold it for $5,000 in a matter of 2 days, which is awesome. 2 days guys.

It was a win-win situation. The client was able to fix the homes himself and flip them. He said he’d gotten screwed over in the past. But he likes to fix the homes up and move them to a property he has out of town. He lives with his family in another mobile home somewhere else.

So he walked the property after that and he said he really liked it. He wanted to pay for all of it just right then and there.

“I had marketed it a lot too and people were hitting me up. But he was like, ‘No, I want this. I don’t even want anybody else seeing it. He said take my money, pretty much. So it worked out and I’m just happy that I was able provide for them, because they really wanted this.

They really wanted to make sure that they weren’t being screwed over. And through negotiation and skills that y’all have been providing with us I ultimately built the trust with the client. And it was a smooth transaction. Actually once I marketed it, it took less than 24 hours to sell it. “

When he sent us the pictures of the property, we were all evaluating it and talking about it. And Adrian wasn’t sure it was going to sell. That’s where we were able to step in and help Adrian by guiding him on what price he could get and validating the marketability of the home.

He sold it as is, with no repairs, really quickly. He was surprised at the demand for the home.

“It was pretty sturdy. The ground was sturdy. There was just a lot of junk. I posted the picture. I was being transparent. I currently work in sales and I always say that transparency is one of the keys to sales. So, I posted the pictures and told them what was up with it.

And I got a high demand. 5 to 10 people just started messaging me. ‘Is this still available? Where is this? When can I see it?’ People still wanted it.

So that was the thing that surprised me the most. And, I probably could have got a little bit more out of it to be honest. I’m glad I did this and I’m glad it worked out.”

In our accelerator program he never felt alone
through the process

With the profits Adrian is going to reinvest in himself by getting a seller’s license and improving his marketing. Adrian has the right mindset because he’s going to get better at serving his market and pour into the community more with his experience.

We asked him how his experience has been with the Trailer Cash Academy and enrolling in our accelerator program.

“Man, it actually helped a lot. You’re there to help keep me accountable. You’re there to help, tell me what you’ve been through, what works. You get on a massive amount of calls and are vulnerable with us as well. ‘Cause we’re all human.

This doesn’t happen for everybody at the snap of a finger. This is hard. It’s going to take effort. It’s easy, but it’s also hard and you have to put yourself in it. You have to really commit to it.

And I definitely appreciate you all for being there for us, not to mention the all the accelerator program members, they provide tons of value. I message them all the time. They always respond as quick as possible. It really feels like a family. And they’re here to provide value. Nobody’s left the alone.”

We know how it is with buying some of those real estate programs, where you’re just out there alone. And that’s the easiest way to quit because you don’t have anyone to turn to when you have those questions. And it’s not just the members in the community, it’s also the other members in the accelerator program. It is a big family.

Before we got off the call with Adrian we asked him to share some advice on how to grind it out when you’re past that 60 day mark.

“Man keep going. If you need to, take a break. And then just get back into it. It’s normal to take breaks. It’s okay. You’re not perfect.

But if you really want this, you have to keep going hard. Just go. And take action. Because you can read books but somebody else is making a move while you’re taking your break.

That’s what woke me up. Somebody else is making moves out there while I’m resting. It’s all about you. It’s all about looking at the bigger picture and looking at your ‘Why’. Looking at your drive and where you want to be. Just keep going.”

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