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Wow! This 20 Year Old Turned A $500 Mobile Home Deal Into 17 More Deals

Shane is a Trailer Cash Academy student out of Northern Indiana. He’s a rockstar with a great attitude that turned a $500 deal into 17 deals in his pipeline after 5 days of working with us.

We want to make this blog post about him and give him big kudos for getting out there and taking action. A lot of the time people sit on information, and they learn but they don’t actually take action. Shane is the complete opposite. He says he’s one of those people that just needs a little bit of information to jump right because he’s confident that he’ll learn the rest of it along the way.

How Shane discovered Trailer Cash Academy

Shane has a mentor figure who was into real estate, and he attended a real estate investor meeting once a few years ago. But he didn’t give it much attention after that. Then one day something got into him and he called his mentor wanting to know more about the business.

“I called him. I said let’s go grab lunch or have coffee. We sat down and I said ‘How do I get started in real estate?
I have nothing but time. I have no money. I have no experience. I’m 20 years old. I have barely any credit, and if anything it’s not good. So, what’s the best way for me to start in real estate?’

He said, ‘If I were you I would start with wholesale.’”

Shane got home by 10pm but he stayed up till about 3am the next day using whatever knowledge his mentor gave him to find a home. He called his mentor back at 6am saying ‘I found this home, let’s go look at it’.

The next day not only had he looked at the home, but he had also found another home that had potential. But something about the prospect of closing these deals didn’t appeal to him at the time.

“So, I’m trying to get the deals done. But I didn’t want to sign any paperwork right away because I was still learning.
I didn’t want to get myself into something that I couldn’t get out of.”

From what Shane told us it seemed like he wasn’t feeling the idea of doing a lot of repair work on the home. It was too much too soon for him, and he wanted a different type of deal to be his first deal. He let those go.

While Shane was looking for new deals on homes, he discovered us through Instagram. He says through listening to our content he opened his eyes to the potential that was around him. He had no idea that Indiana was one of the states with the most mobile home parks in the country.

So, he went through our social media, our website and our free webinars learning whatever he could until he had enough information to feel competent. And then he combined that knowledge with whatever his mentor had told him a week before and just applied it to mobile homes. He was still aiming for wholesale because he had no money and it wasn’t like he could just buy a home to rent it or flip it.

Shane’s first mobile home deal

So Shane had been using some one of our tips about testing the waters in his area. He had discovered a mobile home for sale. He put the word out through his mentor’s network of buyers and got about 5000 responses almost overnight.

Shane got an offer for $8500 that he took to the seller. But unfortunately, the seller had already closed a deal with another buyer for $6000. So, they both missed out and the buyer came away with the better deal.

“He sold it quickly to another buyer but then he realized that I was able to get him more money on that home than what he actually sold for. So he wanted to work with me because I was able to bring more value to him.”

“And so he said ‘I have this and this. I have two more homes. Can you move those?’ I said ‘Sure!’”

Shane wanted to formalize the agreement in some way because he hadn’t met the seller yet and heard things can be a little cutthroat when you’re dealing with sellers. So, he sent him a contract via DocuSign. The seller signed it but expressed a little doubt about Shane’s ability to find a buyer.

“I called him first thing the next day. ‘Hey, I have a buyer.’ At – boom – this price. Which was more than what he was selling it for again. He was so happy he was like ‘Okay I got this home for you, I need to sell this one, and we got another one in the park.’”

How that first deal turned into 17 deals

That’s when things started escalating quickly. The seller told Shane that once he sold those he had 5 more in the park that needed to be sold. And then Shane’s number got passed around and he got a call a couple of hours later from two more parks that had homes they needed to sell.

And that’s how he ended up getting 17 deals in the pipeline. But really it started with that first deal where he only made about $500.

“And it’s not about money. The first deal was supposed to be for about $1000 but then the buyer was like there’s some damage, there’s a leak in the roof, so we’ve got to come down. The first deal I made $500 at the closing. And it’s not about the $500. It’s not about the money. It’s about the relationship I had just established with the seller on how quickly I was able to move his mobile home. And that’s what led to having more deals in the pipeline.”

“The guy who bought the first one, worked for a mobile home investment group in Michigan. And he said it’s because I was so good to him; I was just honest with him about what was wrong with the home and didn’t try to sugarcoat anything. I just told him what’s up, told him the number and even negotiated it down for him.

That’s why he said ‘Okay, my company likes this mobile home, and we’ll buy it. But we actually want to buy the entire park, can you help us?

It’s that value that I gave to the buyer. The buyer felt like he got such a good deal that now they want me to help broker a deal for an entire park because that’s what they really do. They buy parks, not just homes.

And now I’m just like ‘Oh, I’ve never sold a park. I don’t even…I can’t even find material online to teach me what I need to know. So I have to just pray about that one and hold on and do my due diligence.

So that’s, that’s the pipeline. And this is day 6 and it’s all because you guys put out information on the internet. I just so happened to find it. And it’s been great ever since.”

This is what we love to hear

One thing that made us connect so heavily with this story is we’ve talked to a lot of people and asked them what their 90 day goal is. And what their plan is to get there. What is their ‘Why.’

And we really liked the fact that even though Shane is 20 years old he is really clear on his ‘Why’ behind all this. He’s very clear on that.

We tell everybody don’t just come to this game throwing out some random number like ‘I just want to make a hundred thousand dollars a month.’ Why? For what? Even if you get that money, it’s just money.

It’s just money. What is it going to change for you? We love the fact that Shane’s so young, but he’s looking like 10 years down the line or 15 years down the line. And when you have that amount of clarity it makes this even more fun and makes everything easier.

So that’s true hustler spirit right there to be able to get all that in the pipeline on your 6th day as a Trailer Cash Academy student. It’s about getting out there, taking action, learning as you go and building those relationships while adding value.

There’s a book out there called The Go-Giver and it basically says you level up by being the connector and that’s what Shane was doing. He was connecting people with things that they need and getting paid for the effort. So we love it. That’s what we teach in our course.

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