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ken from hawaii trailer cash accelerator student case study
$17,600 Profit

Ken made $17,600 profit on a park model home with help from our coaches.

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mobile home deal review: $11,000 in 24 hours on property affixed to land
$11,000 Profit

How we made $11,000 in 24 hours in this mobile home affixed to land.

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first mobile home deal $6,000 profit with no money down
$6,000 Profit

Priest made $6,000 profit on his first deal with no money down by acting as a broker.

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Chris made $15,000 profit investing mobile homes part-time
$15,000 Profit

Chris made $15,000 profit in 3 months investing part-time.

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jasmine trailer cash accelerator case study
$17,000 Profit

Jasmine made $17,000 profit in one week after joining our Accelerator program.

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tim lamonique closed 5 deals in 30 days made $40,000 profit
$40,000 Profit

This couple closed five deals in 30 days and made over $40,000.

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Hi, We’re Jay & Samera Harvey…

jay samera harvey founders trailer cash academy

Founders of Trailer Cash Academy. We were tired of working 60-80 hours weeks at our full-time jobs and were determined to go into business for ourselves.

After several failed business ventures, we decided to get into real estate investing. And that almost turned out to be another failure.

We got scammed out of $30,000 on our first “deal” and then dropped another massive investment into a burnout home, hoping to repair it and sell. We were 6-figures in debt and ready to give up.

But then, we met someone at a networking event who told us about mobile home investing. And our lives changed forever.

To date, we’ve completed over 400 mobile home deals and counting. We got out of debt, quit our jobs, traveled the world, and made millions.

So, we decided we weren’t going to keep this blessing to ourselves. That we were going to show as many people as we could this path to financial freedom. Trailer Cash Academy was born.

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We’ve Trained 1030+ Students How To Invest In Mobile Homes

Sold in two hours for $6,700 profit with no money down

Sold in two hours for $6,700 profit with no money down.

$27,800 profit in two months

$27,800 profit in two months with wholesaling and a quick cash-out.

$3,500 profit from an inbound inquiry to their website

$3,500 profit from an inbound inquiry to their website.

Bought for $2,000 sold for $10,000

Bought for $2,000 sold for $10,000 ($8k profit.)

9 deals in 4.5 months for $30,000 profit

Closed nine deals in 4.5 months for $30,000 profit.

2 deals in 90 days for $18,000 profit

Closed two deals in 90 days for $18,000 profit.

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The Best-Kept Secret In Real Estate Investing

“Mobile homes? Why not regular houses?”

“Don’t those get a bad ROI?”

“What about depreciation?”

“You’re dealing with trailer trash all the time, right?”

Let all the naysayers say nay. Because mobile home investing is the best-kept secret in real estate.

For two reasons. Speed and momentum.

Well, three, if you count the fact it ain’t as “sexy” as flipping houses and that means fewer investors get into it.

So, why are speed and momentum important? Because money loves ’em. Money loves speed. And money loves momentum.

That’s what makes mobile home investing so powerful. A fast deal takes days. A slow deal, weeks.

This means you’re stacking wins faster. And building your bankroll. And that creates momentum in your business. Which leads to more deals.

More cash flow, more profits, a bigger bankroll. And it’s a virtuous cycle from there on out.

That’s why, when we closed our first deal, we switched to investing in mobile homes exclusively. And the rest, as they say, is history.

If you had the choice between the simple way of doing business and the complicated way, wouldn’t you pick the simple way?

That’s what we’re offering you with our Trailer Cash Accelerator Program. A simple, proven blueprint for investing in mobile homes, profitably.

Does that sound good to you?

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